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Faye Hadley is a reality TV star, teacher, automotive technician, and entrepreneur who is famous for her starring role in the reality show "All Girls Garage" in its second season which also starred Bogi Lateiner and Cristy Lee. 

Here are the 10 things you didn't know about Faye Hadley.

1. Faye Hadley is a co-star in the TV car show

She is best known for her role in the TV car show "All Girls Garage" which is a show aired on Discovery Channel about three women working on cars, showcasing their expertise and giving useful DIY tips for car repairs or projects cars. She joined the show in 2017, during its second season.

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2. She did an unpaid internship in a Volkswagen repair shop

While in her college time, Hadley once bought a Volkswagen GTI and went on a road trip in 2007. As she got back, her car's engine blew up. As she couldn't afford its repairing, she got an unpaid internship at a Volkswagen garage, where she learned to repair engines. She also swept floors and emptied the oil drain containers there. She later got a job at a Toyota dealership. 

3. Hadley is a tattoo-lover

Faye is a fan of tattoos. She has inked beautiful tattoos of cars on both of her arms as well as in her legs. Her tattoo has attracted a lot of crowds towards her. 

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4. Her net worth is in Thousand of dollars

Faye Hadley is an automotive technician, teacher, as well as an entrepreneur who has made a cool fortune from her mechanic work in the automobile industry. She has successfully established a mobile automotive repair and education company, Pixie & PixieDust. The net worth of Faye is estimated to have $65K as of 2022. Whereas her exact earnings have not been disclosed yet. 

5. Her present age is in her mid-thirties

Born on 25th September 1986, Hadley celebrated her 34th birthday as of 2021. As per her birth date, her zodiac sign falls under Libra.

6. Faye Hadley is a married woman

Faye Hadley married her best-friend turned husband, Brandon Hadley. By profession, Brandon is a wood artist. The couple began dating in 2015 and they tied a knot to each other on Faye's birthday on 25th September 2016. As of now, Faye and Brandon are living happy life. Her sexual orientation is straight. 

7. Faye was a licensed therapist as well

Prior to her present career, she worked as a full-time therapist. She also did off-hours work alongside a mechanic in Providence, RI. It was here that she began to pick up the mechanical skills and knowledge she craved. Later, she switched her career. 

8. She is the owner of 'Piston & PixieDust' 

Owner of her very own repair shop 'Piston & PixieDust', she runs educational and technical classes that are gender-neutral, teaching all how to buy a good car, and how to make repairs when needed. 

9. She is also the co-founder of #WomenAndMachine

Co-Founder of #WomenAndMachine; it is an organization of tradeswomen that host day-long, female-oriented automotive workshops across the country, empowering other women to follow their dreams.

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10. Hadley has a degree in psychology

She loves to play with cars but she can also play with the human brain as she has a degree in psychology from Harvard University. She earned the degree at the age of 22 in 2010. She stated, "After my first term at Harvard, I had an early life crisis. I was walking to my apartment after exams and saw this Volkswagen GTI with a license plate from Alaska. The owner told me he was on a trip around the US and I knew I wanted to do that too."

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10 Things you didn’t know about Faye Hadley

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