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If you're a fan of Bravo reality shows, you surely know the popular series, "Below Deck Mediterranean" that chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a 150-foot-plus superyacht at different locations each season. Since its premiere in 2016, one woman who has captivated hundreds and thousands of hearts all around and proved to be one of the strong members is Malia White. 

White not only has been on headlines just for her appearance on the show but also for her love life relationship and her past life which is filled with a lot of suspense.

Malia White Below Deck Mediterranean

Everything you need to know about Below Deck Med's Malia White

Let's get to know more about her. 10 Things you didn't know about Malia White

1. Malia White is the youngest of her family. 

Born on July 20, 1990, in  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Malia was the youngest of 6 children born to her parents. Raised in her hometown alongside her 5 elder siblings all brothers, she was loved by her whole family as she was the only daughter and sister of the family. 

2. She had decided to become a diver at an early age.

She was just a child when she knew what she wanted to become in the future. Growing up as the only girl in the family, she was loved by all of her family members that they always wished to fulfill everything White wanted. 

Thanks to her father who used to work at a boatyard, White also developed an interest in the sea and decided to pursue a career of the same. 

3. She never went to university. 

Despite being loved as the youngest, she always had a want to do something that all of her brothers did. She was inspired by her brothers with whom she played a lot of sports while growing up that she eventually desired to become a diver. 

For which even so she was good in her studies, she never went on for further higher studies at university after her high school graduation to pursue a career she wanted to. 

4. She is a certified dive instructor. 

After deciding not to attend university, she went on to get trained as a professional diver undergoing the certified divemaster course. Her years of the training process have taught her organized recreational driving skills to work at any part of the world may be a cruise ship, private yacht, dive center, or diving resort.

Her hard work for years has earned her a captain's license which enables her to drive a yacht with paying passengers. Also as a certified dive instructor, she teaches scuba and water sports lessons throughout the Bahamas and Hawaii.

5. Her breakthrough came with "Below Deck Mediterranean". 

Her career went to the top when she was appointed as a crew member on the Yacht named Sirocco on its charter season in Croatia. She then was cast as a deck member on the second season of the Bravo reality series, "Below Deck Mediterranean" in 2017. 

Later the season, she was promoted to the lead deckhand. After being lost for the 3rd and 4th seasons of the series, she finally returned on the 5th season of the series joining as bosun which premiered in 2020. 

6. She has had a blast of relationship ongoing. 

Her relationship has been a whole of a roller coaster and unpredictable. She just recently seemingly confirmed her relationship with Jake Baker(engineer of season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean), following her break up with her ex, Tom Checketts. Jake and Malia are seen posting about each other on their social media sites showing their affection towards each other. 

Before Jake, she was in love with Tom who worked as the head chef in restaurants, however, they broke up after Malisha discovered that Tom was allegedly cheating on her.

She previously dated chef Adam Glick and Wes Walton and even gained attention in the series for her love triangle where she had a secret romance with Adam and Wes. They kept their affair secret from everyone. After the love triangle was revealed, Adam and Wes got involved in a fight.

7. She was once confused about her sexuality. 

Being confused about one's sexuality is common in today's world full of curiosity, the same was with Malia White as well. While on the show, she and her fellow cast member Hannah Ferrier began to make out to find if she was a lesbian or not. The act was once encountered by Bobby Giancola who found the lesbian act disgusting. She was even seen grabbing Hannah’s breasts and appreciating their beauty.

8. She has a net worth estimated at thousand dollars. 

Malia has her earnings coming from her professional career in the yachting industry. Her career that started initially as a deckhand has been gradually climbing the ranks. She receives a decent salary from her work also including her appearance as a cast member on Below Deck Mediterranean from which she receives an additional salary. She also earns a few bucks from tips. Summing up, her net worth is estimated below $250k. 

9. She is popular on social media sites. 

With her appearance on "Below Deck Mediterranean", White has undoubtedly managed to amass a healthy fan following garnering thousands of following on her Instagram account: @maliakpwhite. Up until now, she has had a fan following of over 405k. 

10. She has a maintained hourglass body physique.

Her job as a diver also has contributed to letting Malia have a maintained body physique which has a measurement of around 33-26-34 inches with 32 B as her bra size. She stands tall with a height of 5ft. 4inch. while her boy weighs is around 58kg. Besides, she has a beautiful face brightened up with her smile, brown eyes, and blonde hair.

10 Things you didn’t know about Malia White

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