Who is Tay Dome? 5 Things About Taylor Lautner’s Girlfriend

If you’re a fan of “Twilight” saga series, you surely know who Taylor Lautner is. Many of his fans fell in love with him with his starring role initially in “Sharkboy and Lavagirl”, and over the year, with his portrayal of several fan-favorite characters, he has surely increased his fan base all around the world. 

Aside from that, fans are really curious about his love life, his plans for the future and everything well precisely all about his girlfriend. 

Just recently, in November 2021, Lautner shared the big news of him getting engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Tay Dome. He posted pictures of the couple together on Instagram captioning, “11.11.2021. And just like that all of my wishes came true” while his fiance’ Tay also shared a picture from the proposal with the caption, “my absolute best friend. I cannot wait to spend forever with you.”

He covered their home in red rose petals to propose with a ring from New York City jeweler Ring Concierge.

The beautiful couple has been dating for a couple of years, but how did they even meet? how did they know that they were made for each other? Let’s get to know everything about Taylor’s love life and fiance Tay Dome. 

Who is Taylor Lautner?

Tay Dome husband

Source: Instagram@taydome

Who is Tay Dome?

The lucky girl to have been with Taylor Lautner also has the same first alphabet “T”, Tay Dome. She is also a social media personality who gained fame following her relationship with Taylor. They revealed about their relationship in 2018 and since then are sharing all their beautiful moments with their fans for over 3 years now. 

Dome is 23 years old and seems to be more attached to fashion, traveling, and hiking. She is now to be Mrs. Lautner, wife of Taylor in a couple of months and people are curious about who she is. 

5 Things About Taylor Lautner’s Girlfriend

1. She is a registered nurse. 

Tay is a registered nurse and has been practicing the job for a few years now. Her Instagram bio also reads her as the nurse and also a self-care & mental health advocate. 

She loves her work and does three 12-hour shifts per week at her hospital on the telemetry floor. 

Tay Dome wedding

Source: Instagram@taydome

2. She hails from California. 

Tay Dome was born and raised in California, United States, where she also completed her education. As a California native, she has always expressed her love for her hometown and even currently she lives with Lautner in same California. 

She even had written about her love for the city during the Woolsey Wildfire in 2018.

“A place where I have some of my first memories, to some of my favorite memories. From having the ocean as my papa’s backyard to date nights with the man of my dreams.”

3. She is a social media influencer. 

Apart from being a nurse, she is also a popular social media personality and is active on various platforms. She has ver 195k followers on her verified Instagram account: @taydome. 

She is seen posting fashion, traveling, and style-related content, alongside her modeling and lifestyle-based photos. 

Tay Dome partner

Source: Instagram@taydome

4. She met Taylor through his sister. 

Well, the person who thought that they were “perfect for each other” was no other than Taylor’s sister, Makena Moore. She even posted about their engagement saying that she knew she had to introduce them when she met Tay. 

Captioning, “Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m feeling too 😉 think I picked out a good one for my brother,” 

She said that she met Tay in a small Nashville church and just knew that the she was only girl perfect for Taylor. Since the day they met, there was no looking back.

5. She is a nature-lover and loves dogs. 

Looking through her Instagram posts, it’s quite clear what her interests are. One of which includes her love towards nature as she is seen posting about the ocean, mountains, flowers, and also about her pet dog. 

With Taylor, she raises two dogs, Remi and Lily, each has their own Instagram account. They adopted Lily first then Remi in August 2021. 

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