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Not every star you know was bent-on becoming famous. Plenty of celebrities who went to college didn’t even plan to get to Hollywood. After all, there are countless famous people without college degrees who’ve managed to make it work. But, Hollywood is not just the glitz and glam.

It’s very difficult to land a role in acting, which is why a lot have taken different career paths or considered working something else. Others, on the other hand, love to study, so they’ve concentrated on studying while pursuing a career in acting at the same time.

We’ve decided to list the most well-known celebrities with college degrees that will knock you off your feet.


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6 Famous People Who Went to Usc

As a student in college in Australia or anywhere else in the world, you will be writing one assignment after the other, doing projects, and learning lectures. You may even have to pay for help once in a while if you can’t wrap your head around those complex textbooks. You probably asked for someone who will do my assignment. Well, it’s no wonder why. When you pay for assignments, everything gets done quicker. Besides, with limited free time, you can get more work done if someone helps you out.

But, despite their busy schedule, many celebrities managed to succeed. They found the perfect balance between work and college. So, why wouldn’t you be able to do it too? Here are some of the most surprising famous people who went to USC. 

1.  Rowan Atkinson “Mr. Bean”: Electrical Engineering

Due to his clumsy persona and ridiculous characteristics, many would think he is one of the famous people without college degrees. While in reality, it’s the complete opposite. Rowan is actually a master of science and graduated from Oxford with a degree in Electrical Engineering. As he was studying, he started drafting up his plans for performing and was keen on giving acting a try. And he didn’t need any help to get in the industry. The rest is history.

2.  Eva Longoria: Kinesiology

Longoria is one of the most well-known celebrities with college degrees. The popular star is not just the "desperate housewife," as one might think. She has studied at the University Kingsville in Texas, where she graduated with a Kinesiology degree. This is a study that addresses the psychological, biomechanical, and physiological mechanisms in the human body. Pretty neat, isn't it?

3.  Mayim Bialik: Degree in Neuroscience

The genius from Bing Bang Theory is, in fact, a genius in real life. She is one of the celebrities with PhDs, who’ve managed to get to stardom in Hollywood. She spent years perfecting her Jewish and Hebrew studies, including neuroscience as well. While her on-screen role had a completely different degree, she definitely managed to fit in perfectly.

4.  Shaquille O’Neal: Degree in Education

Probably the most unexpected individual to include in the list of celebrities with PhDs is this basketball superstar. Even though the pay is good as a pro basketball player, O’Neal still wanted to put all his attention and energy on education. In the late 80s and early 90s, he studied in a business major, later graduating and even obtaining a Ph.D. very few expected he would get.

5.  Danai Gurira: Degree in Social Psychology

The tough warrior from Black Panther wasn’t always the actress we know today. In fact, Gurira put a lot of love and effort into doing a college assignment, writing projects, and study lectures. In the early 2000s, she studied at Macalester College in Minnesota to get a degree in social psychology. It’s safe to say her efforts paid off.

6.  Gerard Butler: Law School

The most memorable protagonists of 300, and one of my favorite, is not just another Spartan warrior on the big screen. He attended Glasgow University, where he studied to become a solicitor or a lawyer. Due to his outstanding social skills and amicable personality, he became the president of the law society. Gerard graduated with a law degree.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many successful people who didn't go to college, but there are also those who hit the books hard. They’ve shown us that if you put your mind and heart into it, you can achieve absolutely anything. No matter how challenging it can get. They didn’t put their dreams “on hold” just to focus on something else. With sheer determination, they’ve succeeded where many have failed.

Have any of these superstars inspired you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

6 Celebrities with Surprising College Degrees

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