Who is 90 Day Fiance’s Deavan Clegg Dating? What to Know about Korean Boyfriend Topher Park?

90 Day Fiance Deavan Clegg Dating

An American reality T.V. star, You Tuber, and Instagram personality Deavan got fame after appearing in the show 90 days  Fiance. In the show, she was widely known as she had a foreign fiance  Jihoo Lee a Korean man.

Everything To Know About Topher Park

Deavan is active on YouTube and Instagram as she has 113k subscribers and 394k followers on her YouTube and Instagram respectively. They met each other through the dating app, Jihoon flew from South Korea to America to met his American girlfriend. After spending three months together Davan got pregnant and both got engaged. However their marriage date hasn’t declared yet, Couple welcomed a newborn baby on 11th April 2019.

After that their relationship was not in stable kind, according to the Deavan she went to Korea to stay with Jihoon, She struggled many times for her relationship, She gave a chance to Jihoon to prove himself but she just got regret. The couple was together till 21st June 2020. In the Instagram live Jihoon confirmed their divorce.  From few months Deavan is Surprisingly in an America without her wedding ring, more shocking is that she is again in a relationship with Korean boyfriend  Los Angeles based actor Topher.

Who is Deavan Clegg?

Who is Topher Park? 

Christopher, Hyun Park, he uses his name as Topher Park, is a multi-talented Korean person, Though he is Korean he born and grew up in Los Angeles, California the United state.

In his teenage he used to play the guitar sang a song, he had a Teenagers iconic brand as a Samsung.  He did his BA in theatre, film, and digital production from the University of California, Riverside. He worked as an actor in 20 movies and series, worked as a production coordinator at Labeltex Mill, Inc, and assistant tour coordinator at Mejia and Kaplan LLP. He has also worked as a chief editor in a toph&her magazine which is related to fashion and lifestyle. In his interview he said that he is passionate about fashion, he likes to work in multiple fields which allowed him to explore lots of unique experiences.

From his Instagram post, there is a clue that Deavan visited during her last August trip to Los Angeles.

Topher Park Dating – 90 Day Fiance Deavan Clegg

Through the source, it is said that Topher and Delavan met through mutual friends. After ending up the relationship with Jihoon she started dating Topher.

On the weekends they have been taking turns flying to each other. Topher doesn’t care about her past life couples are happy with each other. Deavan is attracted to Topher from his hard work quality, although she hasn’t introduced him to her children.

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