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The 47-year-old, Amanda Caroline Cronin (born 1974) is a businesswoman, property developer, model, philanthropist, and multi-millionairess from Southampton. Additionally, she is also a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity influencer. She is famous for her global travels and attending major social events. She is also best known for being the co-founder of Amanda Caroline Skincare, a skincare brand that sells serums and creams to fight the visible signs of aging. She is also an art collector, owning works by Jonas Wood and Harmony Korine. As a model, she is currently represented by John Noel Management. She has more than 61K followers on her Instagram account. She is also the founder of 'Forever Young' and has a British newspaper nicknamed Amanda as 'longest legs in Belgravia'. As per her LinkedIn profile, Amanda has been an influencer for the past nine years and launched her brand Forever Young three years ago. Amanda documented "Kathy Burke: Money Talks" and "Council House Britain" on Channel 4 previously and her new documentary is airing on Channel 4 in 2022 which options one of many wealthiest girls within the UK – "The Millionairess and Me". 

Amanda Cronin's new show ‘The Millionairess and Me’ showcasing on Channel 4


When it comes to her personal life, she was a married woman previously to her ex-husband, Mark Daeche with whom she has a daughter namely Sofia Alexandra Yaganeh (born 1996). Mark Daeche is the founder of First Utility. Their daughter, Sofia is now an aspiring artist to which her mother describes her as "caring and sensitive". After their separation, she revealed she accepted a £250,000 engagement ring from a handsome stranger. Later, she turned down the proposal. At present, she is in a relationship and dating a Canadian chap but she has not revealed anything about him to the media. 

Amanda Cronin Ex-Husband, Mark Daeche

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How much is Amanda Cronin worth?

Model, socialite, social media influencer, Amanda Cronin is one of the richest women in the UK. She made millionaires from skincare, modeling, and accumulating artwork. Her reported net worth is estimated to have £12 million as of 2022. Her main source of wealth is from her business career, skincare brand, and property developer career. Her new documentary is airing on Channel 4 in 2022 which options one of many wealthiest girls within the UK – The Millionairess and Me. Today, she is living a lavish lifestyle from her career earnings. She has nearly everything she could ever want – money, age-defying beauty, and an international jet-set lifestyle. 

Amanda Cronin, co-founder of Amanda Caroline Skincare


Amanda Cronin Wealth

Amanda Cronin recently revealed that she has just bought a mansion around the corner for £3 million to renovate in hopes of selling it for £11 million. At present, she lives in her £12 million Mayfair home and £10m jewelry collection. She likes to show off her exclusive lifestyle, she mentions that she gets a lot of abuse online from people who accuse her of being a prostitute. "You're not allowed to be rich, successful, pretty, and fun," she says. "They say ‘there must be something wrong with you. You must be a hooker.'" During the documentary, she drives around in a £200k car. She is currently residing between London and New York. 

Amanda Cronin Wealth

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Amanda Cronin Wealth: How much is Amanda Cronin worth?

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