6 Interesting Facts To Be Known About Andy Gross


Comedian, Ventriloquist, magician and illusionist Andy Gross has been criticized lately for his routine performance at Purdue University in West Lafayette on August 18, 2018. The reason was his inappropriate and uncomfortable performance in front of 7,000 students in the college. Students in the college claimed that Andy called a female volunteer from the audience and abused her sexually by asking him to come closer and touch his thigh. That created a very inappropriate environment among the audience and the girl who was volunteering felt very uncomfortable. It is reported that many students even walked out in the middle of his performance. Students even started #AndyGrossIsGross campaign to Twitter and got attention. And College officials announced to boycott Andy Gross and never to work with him again in future.

6 Interesting Facts about Andy Gross

  • Andy Gross is a American former professional racquetball player
    Before entering into the world of comedy and magic, Gross used to play racquetball. At the age of 15, he became the youngest professional racquetball player in the history of sports. Gross has even won record number of Southern California tournaments during his career. He retired from racquetball at 26 and started his career as an entertainer. He created a live acts combining comedy, ventriloquism and magic.
  • Andy was featured in some of television series
    Andy Gross became successful through his new career as entertainer. His acts as a vetriloquist has been featured in television series Beverly Hills, 90210, Las Vega and in After Judgement, the Sci-Fi Web Series. He also played a role in Just The Ten Of Us, 93 til Infinity and Trance.
  • Andy Gross is popular for his ventriloquism character in the stage as Steve
    Achieving more and more success through his act, Gross toured all over United States presenting his Andy Gross's MindBlogging Variety Show. Among which his ventriloquist character Steve, the customer service guy who dispensed computer repair support by telephone is popular all over.
  • Andy Gross illusion video "Split Man" trick became popular in 2013
    Gross created a "Split Man" trick video in 2013, where Gross was cut in half, and still able to walk and scare strangers in the public. Gross'
    video gained lots of attention and was even showcased on several national platforms such as The Huffington Post, FOX, CNN, AOL, Yahoo!, Google and Showbiz Tonight with A.J Hammer.
  •  Andy Gross has a huge collection of ventriloquist
    Being a comedian, magician and a ventriloquist, Gross created several dummy characters to perform in his stage acts. Now, all his ventriloquist dummies and memorabilia are supplied to television, films and stage production as props.
  • Andy toys won Top 10 Duracell Kids Choice Awards
    Andy also started designing toys, prank novelties and magic tricks for LA Magic & Toy. They are sold in toy and gift stores all over the globe.His toys designs became favorite to the kids and won Top 10 Duracell Kids Choice Awards.