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Andy Hui

Facts About Andy Hui

Celebrated Name Andy Hui
Age 55 Years Old
Nick Name Andy
Birth Name Andy Hui Chi-on
Birth Date 1967-08-12
Gender Male
Profession Singer , Actor
Place Of Birth British Hong Kong
Nationality Hong Kong
Spouse Sammi Cheng
Birth Nation Hong Kong
Father Hui Ming-Kwan
Height 1.75m
Net Worth $ 9 million (estimated)
Awards New Talent Singing Awards – 1986 First Runner-up
Famous For One of the most accomplished and successful actors and singer
Marital Status Married
Body Type Slim

Andy Hui Chi-on is a popular Hong Kong singer and actor. He is considered as one of the most successful singer, an accomplished actor and a better story writer in Hong Kong with an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hits to his credit. He has been in news several times for his popularity in singing and for his personal life relationship & marriage with his long term girlfriend Sammi Cheng, a Cantopop diva.

Andy Hui has been in the headlines of the news of many news outlets, newspapers and magazines for being disrespectful & irresponsible to his wife with whom he had been together for five long years as he was caught intimating and canoodling with TVB actress and beauty pageant queen Jacqueline Wong at the backseat of the car after a party that Andy Hui and Jacqueline had attended, as captured by a camera which was leaked on 16th April 2019. Andy Hui made a tearful apology to the public and his wife for his mistake on the Tuesday evening of 16th April. This news has turned out to be the major scandal of the week.

what is Andy Hui Famous For?

- One of the most accomplished and successful actors and singer.

- First runner-up in the fifth annual "New Talent Singing Awards".

Andy Hui Apologizes For Cheating on his Wife

One of the major scandal of previous few weeks, that completely distracted people from the picture of "Games Of Throne" and other major issues of the world, is the scandal about Andy Hui for making out with  TVB actress Jacqueline Wong. This news has reached the top of the issues as one of the major scandals that no one had ever dreamed of. Andy Hui was caught Intimating and canoodling with Wong in the backseat of the car for which Hui received heavy media exposure. At the time of the incident, Hui is married to Sammi Cheng and Jacqueline Wong is in a steady relationship with famous actor Kenneth Ma. The footage of the incident was captured and recorded by the taxi's in-vehicle camera, in which they were traveling about 20 min long journey towards the house of Wong. The driver who allegedly sold the incriminating footage of 16-minute clip, which showed the pair hugging, kissing, and touching, reportedly received a large amount of money of about HKD 400,000(close to $70,000).

There are now rumors that Andy and Jacqueline have been having an affair for two years. Andy immediately made a tearful public apology in the evening of Tuesday(16th April 2019) when news broke out, calling himself a "broken man", citing he was drunk that night but admitted his intoxication was no excuse for his behavior. He apologized to his wife Sammi and said that he'll be stopping all work commitments to find his own true self.

Jacqueline also made an apology saying that she regrets having done that mistake and can't dare ever ask for forgiveness for what she had done.

Where was Andy Hui born?

Andy Hui Chi-on was born on 12 August 1967 in British Hong Kong. He didn't have any approach to the celebrity family background but with his hardship and preference towards his career, he set himself as one of the most talented and successful singers and actor till date. Hui Ming-Kwan, the father of Andy Hui allowed him to move on for his career. Furthermore, details are not added yet. His zodiac sign is Leo.


Andy Hui started his journey towards the world of talent and fashion, where he went through a lot of downfalls and high walk, where he faced success and failure both but made sure to have his name done in the history of talent and capability. Andy Hui, before gaining up the fame, first won the runner up title of the fifth annual "New Talent Singing Awards" in 1986, the first time he made his walk towards the singing world. His first music contract came in 1986, and his singing career reached stellar status in 2001 as he won award of the "Most Favourite Male Singer". This award led Hui to the upstairs of the celebrity world from then he became the most liked and favorite of girls. He also has appeared in more than 25 films; Girls Without Tomorrow 1992 (1992), First Shot (1993), Future Cops (1993), Cop Image (1994), Happy Hour (1995), and so on. Andy Hui has an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hits to his credit along with the albums like, "Faith With Heart", "Wo Hai Neng Ai Shei", and more. He also has been seen in the TV shows like; "The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra", "Silence", and more. While his popularity peaked around the turn of the century, he continued to release new music regularly even as his stardom began to fade over time.

Andy Hui

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In addition to his Cantopop output, he remained busy as an actor beginning in the early '90s. At times, his starring roles tended to overshadow his musical output, particularly in later years.

In 2004, Hui was named by Alan Tam as one of the "New Four Heavenly Kings" along with Hacken Lee, Leo Ku and Edmond Leung which would be replacing the once lustrous title awarded to Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, and Leon Lai.

On October 2005, Andy Hui was declared one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons", where his hard work on his music and film career and his excellence in commitment to the community was recognized.

Who is Andy Hui Married to?

Andy Hui, 51 years old celebrity had a long term relationship with Cantopop diva(Heavenly Queen) Sammi Cheng of 27 years long. Andy Hui had proposed her for about 7 times before finally succeeding in persuading her to marry him.

He had attempted to propose to Sammi under different settings-on New Year Eve's party, Christmas parties, Valentine Day's parties, and reportedly even tried to play it down by asking her casually while the couple was on vacation, but Sammi had turned him down in his previous attempts. And on Sammi's birthday, he gave her a surprise by kneeling down with a diamond ring(3 carats) and proposing, which made her say yes and the couple had their engagement in Bali in November 2013. Andy's very close friends are his Big Four Bandmates-Dicky Cheung, William So, and Edmond Leung. Andy and Sammi had a popular destination wedding which was attended by only 10 close friends and family. Andy had a great time with Sammi for her presence in his life through sharing 5 years of marriage, they had no child at all, but recently he had been in the news for cheating on his beloved wife Sammi, with TVB actress and former beauty pageant Jacqueline Wong, as they were clicked and recorded being together and having physical intimacies. In 2017, when Andy held a concert in Macau, Jacqueline specially made her way there to show her support further she even posted a selfie with Andy together. Andy Hui is having one of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days as he cheated on his wife, whom he had proposed for 7 times.

Andy had a tearful confession made saying himself a "damaged person". 

What are Andy Hui Body Measurements?

Andy Hui stands at a height of 1.75m tall. He has a slim body build. He has maintained his body very well. His other body measurements are currently unavailable.

What is Andy Hui Net Worth?

Chinese actor and most celebrated singer having an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hit songs to his credit. He has accomplished a lot of success in his life through his career in both singing and acting with about 25 movies done,

has been one of the most known celebrities having a net worth of about $ 9 million.