Who is Ashanti Dating now? Boyfriend and Relationship History

Ashanti and Joyner Lucas

Ashanti Boyfriend and relationship history

Ashanti, R&B soul singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and model, rose to her stardom early in 2000. She released her first self-titled album in 2002, and immediately spot on the top on billboard's top 10 list. She was the first woman to hold on billboard's top 100  hot spots at the same time.  She was nominated for eight Grammy awards and won one among them. Many music industries wanted her vocal on their song, source said that many men in the entertainment industries had an eye on her. She has a messy relationship in her life.

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Here, what to know about Ashanti boyfriend, Dating and Relationship

She dating American Rapper Nelly 

Ashanti met with Nelly for the first time at the press conference for Grammy Awards in January 2003. They were one of the most gorgeous hip hop couple. They released many songs together, even Ashanti was thinking about a wedding with Nelly and she was thinking about the kids as well. But later she said in her concert "cause I've been in betrayed ". Nine years' relationship ended due to cheating they ended their relationship in 2014. According to the source Nelly was fed up with the song 'Woman To Woman' sang by both Ashanti and Keyshia, anyone can be assumed that the song was written for their common lover Chink therefore Nelly broke up with Ashanti.  She said after her break up she hasn't seen him and spoke to him.

Ashanti and Chink Santana short relationship

It was rumored that Ashanti was in a relationship with her long-time producer, Chink Santana in 2005 when she was in a relationship with Nelly. Their relationship began messy when Ashanti knew that Chink was playing a double relationship as he had a relation with Keyshia Cole too at the same time. Due to the relationship with Chink Actually Nelly broke up with Ashanti. However when Nelly asked Ashanti about Chink and her relationship she denied the rumor.

She had an amazing date with Athlete Darnell Dockett

After she broke up with Nelly and Chink she was in a relationship with Darnell.  In April 2015 she appeared with Darnell on the show "The Meredith Vieira Show ".She confirmed that she had an amazing date with a guy. One month later she reveals his mystery man was San Francisco 49 years Darnell Dockett. However, Darnell's wife threatened to ruin their relationship as she posted a picture with Darnell along with their two children. Although such issues she was enjoying her new relationship and busy in her life. In 2016 as usual her relationship couldn't go further and ended in 2016.

Her relationship with James Harden was like a fun

Ashanti spotted with Huston Rockets player James Harden in Las Vegas. After two years of that incident, she has seen her with James' family at one of his games. James was very happy with their relationship however or Ashanti didn't want to blast her relationship on social media. She said in front of the reporter that her relationship with James was like fun and special combined.

It was also rumored that she was in a relationship with comedian Michael Blackson. They had a few public appearances together, It was confirmed when she gave him a small shout out on her Instagram, as she called him "Homie". Although their relationship was never confirmed.

Joyner Lucas feat. Ashanti - Fall Slowly

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Who is Ashanti dating now?

It is a rumor that Ashanti is dating rapper, Joyner Lucas. Rumor is spreading after Ashanti and Joyner's recent video "Fall Slowly "released. Everyone is saying they are in a relationship as they acted in the video as they are in real life, passionately kissing, fight each other shows they might have an off-screen relationship.  As all her fans are waiting for her official announcement that they are together. before her confirmation, it is unsure that she is with Joyner or she has still relation with Miachel.

Who is Joyner Lucas?

Joyner Lucas Biography

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Joyner Lucas is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer poet, and actor. He is from Worcester, Massachusetts U.S. In 2015 when he released his first solo mixtape he received widespread exposure. He released his fourth mixtape, 508-507-2209 in2017. And on 28 November 2017 when he released his single " I'm Not Racist " it went viral and the song was nominated for Grammy awards as, Best Music Video. "Lucky you " his other single was also nominated for Best Rap Song.

Joyner has a girlfriend named Carmen Julissa Ayala with whom he has a romantic relationship. The couple has a son named Joyner Messiah who was born on 20 February 2016. Joyner loves his son so much that he has made a song " Forever " for him, in the song he has described that his son means a lot to him.