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Famously In Love star, Bella Thorne made headlines in March 2021 when she announced her engagement to Italian singer, Benjamin Mascolo aka B3N. Mascolo is the former member of the duo, Benji & Fede with another Italian singer, Federico Rossi. Thorne had met Mascolo at Coachella and soon started dating each other in April 2019. The couple dated for almost two years before getting engaged in 2021. They announced their engagement to Bella Thorne via Instagram where he wrote, "She said YES 💍🖤". Thorne also wrote on Instagram, "You would have said yes too 👏👏". 

Who is Bella Thorne?

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Bella Thorne has had her fair share of relationships in the past. She dated Tristan Klier for almost three years from 2011 to 2014. Thorne then dated actor Gregg Sulkin from 2015 to 2016. She then came out as bisexual and had a polyamorous relationship with musician Mod Sun and media personality Tana Mongeau between 2017 and 2019. 

Thorne came out as bisexual in 2016 and pansexual in 2019. This article explores 10 things about Bella Thorne's fiance, Benjamin Mascolo. 

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Everyone Bella Thorne Has Dated, Including Lil Peep, Benjamin Mascolo, Tana Mongeau, Ryan Nassif and more.

Benjamin Mascolo Is A Musician

Bella Thorne's newly engaged fiance, Benjamin Mascolo is a Musician. He started his music career as a cover singer with his partner, Federico Rossi under the name Benji & Fede. They later went on to release four number one albums in Italy. 

Benjamin Mascolo Is Italian

Bella Thorne's fiance, Mascolo was born on 20 June 1993. His birth place is in Modena in Italy. Thus, he is Italian. He grew up in Modena. His future music partner, Federico Rossi is also from Modena. He was born to Italian parents. 

Benjamin Mascolo Studied In Australia

Mascolo was born and raised in Modena in Italy. He attended high school in his hometown. After high school, Mascolo moved to Australia for higher studies. He attended Rosny College in Australia.  

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Benjamin Mascolo Garnered Recognition In 2015

Benji & Fede tried an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Sanremo Festival in 2014. After Warner Music Italia talent scout discovered the duo, they were offered a recording contract, which the duo accepted. The duo garnered breakthrough recognition in 2015 after they released their single, "Tutta d'un fiato". The single was one of their many hit songs to come in the future. 

Benjamin Mascolo Has Released Four Studio Albums

Benjamin Mascolo and his partner, Federico Rossi released four studio albums to date. The duo, Benji & Fede released their debut album, 20:05 in 2015. The album reached the top of the Italian album charts. The duo later released albums, 0+ in 2016, Siamo solo noise in 2018, Good Vibes in 2019. All of their albums reached number one in Italy. Some of their hit singles are "Tutta d'un fiato", "Dove e quando", "Eres mia", and "Amore Wi-Fi"

The duo released their autobiographical book, Vietato smettere di sognare ("Stop Dreaming Forbidden" in 2016. Their another book, Nake Tutto quello che non avete visto was released in 2020. 

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Benjamin Mascolo Split With Federico Rossi In 2020

After releasing four number one studio albums and two books, the duo, Benji & Fede split in 2020. The two has first met over the internet and decided to pursue music together. The two formed a duo, Benji & Fede and started doing popular covers on YouTube.

The duo garnered recognition in the Italian music industry. All of their four studio albums reached number one in Italian charts. Despite success in their career as a duo, Benji & Fede, the duo split in 2020. 

Benjamin Mascolo Is Now A Solo Artist

Benjamin Mascolo started his music career as a member of the duo, Benji & Fede. The duo started their career from the start when they were not known in the industry. After releasing their single, "Tutta d'un fiato" in 2015, the duo established themselves in the industry and went on to release four studio albums. However, the duo split in 2020. 

Mascolo now pursues a solo music career. He started his solo career under the name B3N.  

Benjamin Mascolo Is Also An Actor

Former Benji & Fede member, Mascolo is also an actor. Mascolo is set to make his big-screen debut with the Italian movie, Time Is Up. His real-life partner and fiance, Bella Thorne is a co-actor in the movie. 

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Benjamin Mascolo Had A Long Distance Relationship With Bella Thorne Amid The Pandemic

Benjamin Mascolo first met Bella Thorne at Coachella. They soon started dating Bella Thorne in April 2019. The two were deeply in love. However, the two were unable to be on each other's side amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The strict rules imposed by the respective countries during the pandemic denied them to see each other. As Mascolo was in Italy and Thorne in the United States, they two were unable to meet each other for 5 months. 

Benjamin Mascolo Wrote A Letter On His 1-year Love Anniversary With Thorne

On their 1-year anniversary, Benjamin celebrated their relationship on social media. He wrote a sweet tribute on Instagram on 17 April 2020, 

"About one year ago, out of the blue you landed like a UFO alien in my very normal Italian popstar life and f****d up all the plans I had for an outrageous Coachella weekend and summer in Ibiza and Mykonos. Safe to say this was no doubt the best thing that ever happened in my life, I'm forever grateful to you my beautiful little girl, god bless the moment I put aside my shyness to randomly text you and say 'let's hang out.'

He added, "Thank you for being yourself no matter what and teaching me the meaning of love and life: you are the smartest, funniest, sexiest, craziest and cutest creature that ever walked planet earth. I miss you so much, you deserve all the love and flowers my heart and bank account can afford. BTW I'm writing so many songs about you, one ballad after the other I am now to softest [sic] and most romantic b*tch ever and I'm proud to embrace it. When I'm back in LA I'm gonna serenade you to the point you will kick me out of your crib. You might have to call the police or I will continue on the sidewalk singing, shouting and sweating under the sun like Bruce Springsteen on stage after a 3 hours long concert, and that's because the neighbourhood and all the entire damn world needs to know how much I Love you. Ben."

Bella Thorne Is Engaged To Benjamin Mascolo: 10 Things To Know About Her Fiance

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