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Chad Hiltz is a Canadian automotive customizer and television personality. He is best known for starring in the automobile reality series, Bad Chad Customs. The series chronicles Chad Hiltz and his auto shop business, Hiltz Auto Co. His company builds cars from scrap materials and sells them. His company is also known as Green Goblins Customs.

Hiltz was born on 13 August 1971. He was born in Kingsport, Nova, Scotia. He was born to a father Doug Hiltz and a mother, Patricia. Hiltz dropped out of college without graduating. He spent most of his childhood in his father's gas station. His father was a car enthusiast. Hiltz and his father bought a 34 Ford three-window coupe and they fixed the car together. He worked several jobs before he met famous customizer Gene Winfield who eventually mentored him. 

Chad Hiltz's longtime partner Jolene MacIntyre has been a key member of his business. She helped Hiltz to set up and grow his business. She serves as a shop manager for Hiltz's business. The couple got engaged in August 2017. 

Everything To Know About Chad Hiltz

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How Did Chad Hiltz Make His Money?

With his interest in automobiles from his early years, Hiltz eventually pursued a car customizing business. He is the owner of Green Goblin Customs. In his garage, he collects metal scraps and builts them into unique cars. The cars he builts in his garage are sold for a good price. Hiltz makes his fortune out of it. 

Hiltz's business was picked up by Discovery Channel for a series. Hiltz also earns from his contract with the channel. The show is filmed at Hiltz Auto Co. in Canning, Nova Scotia. The series has completed its first season in 2019 and its 2nd season premiered in January 2019.

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Some of the cars Hiltz garage has built are: 

1. 1963 Corvair Greenbrier Van 2. 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline 3. 1963 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe

2. 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline

3. 1963 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe

4. 1962 Ford Galaxie 390 Tripower 4speed

Besides cars, Hiltz also has a range of clothing line that sells t-shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, bags for men, women, and kids. His products can be searched on

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What is Chad Hiltz net worth?

Today, Chad Hiltz is one of the popular car customizers in Canada and the United States. His garage has successfully built unique and attractive cars, which are sold in millions. His business has grown from a small town in Canning to the United States. At present, he has accumulated a massive fortune out of his business. His net worth is estimated a little over $1 million. 

How Did Chad Hiltz Make His Money? Bad Chad Customs Star Chad Hiltz Net Worth

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