Who is Kjell Rasten? Bio of Charo husband Who died by suicide at 78


Who is Charo?

One of the popular Spanish American entertainers in the entertainment industry is popular by the name Charo. She is an actress, comedian, and a flamenco guitarist, who is best recognized for her "Guitar Passion" and was awarded the Female Pop Album of the Year award at the Billboard International Latin Music Conference. She is also known for her uninhibited and exuberant manner, vague age, ostensible lack of fluency in English, and heavy Spanish accent, and the catch-phrase "cuchi-cuchi". She is also called cuchi-cuchi girl. Her real name is Maria del Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza and was named Best Flamenco Guitarist twice by the Guitar Player Magazine's readers' poll.

Who's Charos'  Husband?

Charo was married to production manager and producer, Kjell Rasten in August 1978. He was born in 1940. He is known for 1985 International Championship of Magic, 1973 ABC Late Night, and 1973 Robert Young with the Young. After marriage, Rasten became her manager. The couple has a son, Shel Rasten, who was born in 1981 and is the drummer for the heavy metal band Treazen. Rasten committed suicide on 18 February 2019, at the age of 79.

Charo was previously married to Xavier Cugat. They got married in August 1966. They got divorced in 1978 after Charo acquired the citizenship of the United States in 1977. She later claimed that her marriage with Cugat was a business contract in order to legally bring her to the United States and gets her U.S. citizenship. 

Charo Biography

Why Did Kjell Rasten Committed Suicide?

Kjell Rasten, who stood by Charo's side for 40 years committed suicide on 18 February 2019. He was suffering from a rare and horrible skin disease called 'Bullous Pemphigoid'. For which, he had been taking medication for a long period of time. He has been suffering from depression after taking too many medications for a long time. Thus, he felt it better to end his suffering by taking his own life. He committed suicide at 79 by shooting himself. 

Reports claim that Charo was at home at the time of the incident and she was the one to call 911. According to Los Angeles Medical Examiner, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Charo later released a statement about her husband's death by suicide. She wrote about her husband's importance in her life, "Yesterday, Kjell, My husband of forty years and the love of my life killed himself. There are no words to describe what we are feeling now. He was an amazing man, a great husband and the best father I could imagine to our son. He dedicated his life to loving and supporting his family."

She also explained why her husband killed himself, "In recent years, his health began to decline and developed a rare and horrible skin disease called Bullous Pemphigoid. He also became very depressed. That, along with the many medications he needed to take, became too much for him, and he ended his suffering".

She then asked others to seek help those who are suffering from depression or any kind of illness, "None of us had any idea this could happen to such a wonderful, kind and generous man. Please, if anyone you know and love is suffering from depression or illness, hold them close, tell them you love them with all your heart and that the world is better because they are in it. Get any help you can. Suicide is not the answer".

She lastly thanked their supporters for their love, prayers, and support.