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Chris Perez

Facts About Chris Perez

Celebrated Name Chris Perez
Age 53 Years Old
Nick Name Chris Perez
Birth Name Chris Perez
Birth Date 1969-08-14
Gender Male
Profession Guitarist , Songwriter

Christopher Gilbert Perez, popularly known as Chris Perez is an American guitarist, songwriter, and author. Perez is best known as the lead guitarist for the Tejano band, Selena y Los Dinos. After he joined the band, he started dating band vocalist, Selena Quintanilla. They were married until Selena was shot and killed in 1995. Perez later formed the Chris Perez Band. The band's debut album won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album. He was also associated with several other bands. 

What is Chris Perez Famous For?

  • Guitarist of the Tejano band, Selena y Los Dinos. 

Chris Perez Selena

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Where is Chris Perez From?

Chris Perez was born on 14 August 1969. His birth name is Christopher Gilbert Perez. His birth place is in San Antonio, Texas in the United States. He was born to his father Gilbert Perez and mother Carmen Medina. His parents divorced when he was four years old. His mother remarried in 1978. He belongs to mixed ethnicity and his religion is Christianity. His zodiac sign is Leo. 

He learned to play the French horn in middle school and joined his school's concert band. He also self-taught himself to play electric guitar. His mother had disapproved of him learning guitar due to the negative stereotypes associated with the rock-and-roll world. 

Chris Perez Honor

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Chris Perez Career

  • Chris Perez started learning guitar at an early age. 
  • He wanted to run away to Los Angeles, California at the age of 17 where he wanted to start a rock band.
  • He was living with his father and worked at a library. 
  • He then joined Shelly Lares' band in 1986 just because he was paid more than working at a library. He was asked by the band's musical director, Tony Lares to join the band.
  • After Tony Lares left, he became Shelly's musical director.
  • He co-wrote three songs for Shelly's debut album in 1998.
  • Perez accepted offers to joined Selna Quintanilla's band, Selena y Los Dinos. 
  • The band's manager, Selena's father initially disliked Perez's rocker image and feared that Perez in the group might affect Selena's "perfect image" and ruin her career. 
  • He was arrested for DUI and speeding in San Antonio, Texas in 1991. 
  • Perez once shared a hotel room with two road crew members of Selena y Los Dinos. Being intoxicated, they began wrestling and knocked the door off its hinges, and holes in the wall inside the room. 
  • Abraham Sr. fired the brothers from the band but did not fire Perez. He accepted Perez's apology and was allowed to continue with the band.
  • However, Perez's affair with Selena came into the way of his music career with the band. 
  • Perez was fired from the band and he continued to play music wherever he could.
  • Devasted Selena and Chris eventually eloped in Nueces County, Texas. 
  • Selena and Perez's eloping was announced by the media within the hours of their marriage ceremony. Selena's father finally accepted their marriage. 
  • It took time for Selena's father to accept their marriage. Once accepted, Perez was brought back to the band. 
  • Selena was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar, her former friend and former manager of her boutiques on 31 March 1995.
  • Selena's death devasted Perez and he fell into drugs and alcohol addiction. He remained close with the Quintanilla family.
  • He was part of the band's five albums Ven Conmigo (1990), Entre a Mi Mundo (1992), Selena Live! (1993), Amor Prohibido (1994), and Dreaming of You (1995).  
  • Perez formed the Chris Perez Band with his friend, John Garza in 1998.
  • The band signed with Hollywood Records. 
  • The band released its debut album, Resurrection in May 1999. The album went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album. 
  • The band released their second album, Una Noche Mas in 2002. 
  • The band eventually disbanded after the release of their second album. 
  • Perez continued his musical career with several groups including his brother-in-law A.B.'s group, the Kumbia Kings and the Kimbia All Starz. 
  • He eventually left the band and formed a new band, the Chris Perez Project in 2010. 
  • He wrote a book about his relationship with Selena. The book which was titled "To Selena, with Love" was released in 2012. 

Chris Perez family

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Chris Perez Wife

Chris Perez has been married twice in his life. He was first married to Selena Quintanilla, his band's frontman. Perez and A.B. wrote Selena's Coca-cola commercial jingle in 1989. He was falling fall Selena and expressed their feelings for each other at a Pizza Hut restaurant. They eventually started dating. Their relationship was not accepted by Selena's father. However, they continued their affair secretly. Abraham threatened to disband the group if they don't break up. Perez was fired from the band by Selena's father. Selena was left devasted and heartbroken. Selena tried to stay in touch with Chris and they eventually eloped and got married. They remained married until Selena's murder on 31 March 1995. Selena was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar, the former manager of her boutiques. Perez became devasted and heartbroken with his wife's death. He fell into drug and alcohol addiction.

He moved back to his father in San Antonio. He was introduced to Venessa Villanueva. They became a couple in 1998 and got married in 2001. They shared two kids, a son, Noah, and a daughter Cassie. The couple divorced in 2008.  

Chris Perez Height

Chris Perez stands at a height of around 1.73 m i.e. 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He has a body weight of 154 lbs i.e. 70 kg. His sexual orientation is straight. His eye color is dark brown and his hair color is black. 

Chris Perez Net Worth

Chris Perez has spent the entirety of his life in his music career. He rose to prominence after he joined Selena Quintanilla's band. He became a key part of the band until Selena Quintanilla's murder in 1995. Selena's death devasted Chris but he eventually continued music. He later became involved with several other bands. Perez earned his fortune working in the music industry. The majority of his income comes from his music career. At present, his net worth is estimated at around $2 million. 

Trivias About Chris Perez You Need To Know.

  • He has Mexican-American ancestry.
  • Pérez's favorite musicians were Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Kiss, the Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, and Iron Maiden.
  • Many of his guitar solos are inspired by Carlos Santana.
  • He grew to admire Ricky Martin during the 1990s.
  • He is a shy person.