Cometan (Brandon Taylorian) Biography


Quick Facts Of Cometan

Celebrated Name Cometan
Age 21 Years
Nick Name Cometan
Birth Name Brandon Reece Taylor
Birth Date 1998-07-01
Gender Male
Profession Philosopher
Birth Nation United Kingdom
Place Of Birth Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Horoscope Cancer
Religion originally Roman Catholicism. presently Unknown
Philosophy Astronism
Residence Preston (Lancashire, England)
Famous For His sole authorship of the founding treatise of the philosophy of Astronism known as The Omnidoxy and for his creation of the fictional mystery detective, Jesse Millette.
Height 5' 10" inches
Weight 64 Kg
Bicep Size 12 inches.
Body Measurement 41-30-34 inches
Shoe Size 9 inches
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Father Sean Taylor
Mother Louise Counsell
Brothers Kieran Taylorian, Kent Taylorian, Jay Taylorian
Sisters Lucia Richardson, Charlotte Counsell, Zara Taylorian, Edie Taylorian
Grand Parents William “Bill” Warbrick, Hilda Warbrick, Derek Taylor, Irene Taylor.
Marital Status Unmarried
Girl Friend Liana Tiratsuyan
Son None
Daughter None
University Graduate from the University of Central Lancashire.
College / University Cardinal Newman College
School Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School
Links WebsiteWebsite

Cometan (born July 1, 1998) is a British autodidactic philosopher credited with the sole authorship of the treatise of The Omnidoxy which founded the philosophy known as Astronism within the wider Millettic philosophical tradition. A prolific writer, diarist and neologist, Cometan’s journey to fame began on his fifteenth birthday when he had the idea to create his own fictional mystery detective whom he named Jesse Millette.  

The young writer was then enthralled into a six year-long journey that involved him becoming an autodidact of religion, geography, linguistics, astronomy, cosmology, and most importantly, philosophy. During this formative period, he decided to change his name from Brandon Taylorian to a mononym after being inspired by the mononymous names of the Ancient Greek philosophers and he chose the cosmically-themed mononym of Cometan to match the astronomical theme of his philosophy.

Cometan, using his original professional name of Brandon Taylorian, also during this time started to pen The Original Jesse Millette Series, a series of fictional mystery books centred on chronicling the life of its protagonist, Jesse Millette, alongside four other deuteragonists to form The Five Millettarian Characters as they are collectively referred to.

By the age of 20, Cometan had completed The Omnidoxy which remains over 1 million words in total length. Not only had Cometan created a philosophy, but an entirely new understanding of what philosophy was and the role of a philosopher in the world which in turn formed the wider Millettic philosophical tradition. Afterwards, Cometan founded and established The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism which holds sole proprietorship over all aspects of Astronism, including sole copyright to The Omnidoxy and Cometan's other philosophical works. 

Zvartnots International Airport, Yerevan, Armenia

Zvartnots International Airport, Yerevan, Armenia (The first meeting place of Cometan and Liana Tiratsuyan)

A famed Armenophile, Cometan held an instant affinity and curiosity towards the history and people of Armenia upon learning about the country during his formative autodidactic years. This lead to him eventually coming across a young woman named Liana Tiratsuyan whom he met in person almost one year later at Zvartnots International Airport in the capital city of Yerevan in December 2018. Cometan claimed love at first sight with Tiratsuyan and their week together in Yerevan was even granted the privilege of being chronicled in The Omnidoxy in the formation of that which would be known as Cometanic love which encompassed the philosophical musings of Cometan on the topic of love. 

Jesse Millette and The Phantom’s Curse

Cometan published the precursory edition of the first book in The Original Jesse Millette Series on 17th November 2017 titled Jesse Millette and The Phantom’s Curse (original cover above).

Family & Early Life of Brandon Taylorian

Cometan was born on 1st of July 1998 in Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom and is now 20 years old. He is the son of Sean Taylor (Father) and Louise Counsell (Mother) who separated when their only son was just four years old. Cometan has spoken of the fact that he remained of an “unknown identity” up until the age of fifteen when he had the idea for Jesse Millette. Up until that point, he never committed to any hobby, had few close friends, and held an unhappy personality. 

Cometan's Siblings

Cometan has been graced by having seven siblings in total on both his father and mother’s side; Lucia Richardson (born June 1, 1989), Kieran Taylorian (born February 6, 2007), Charlotte Counsell (born August 20, 2007), Kent Taylorian (born July 17, 2008), Zara Taylorian (born July 17, 2008), Jay Taylorian (born September 17, 2009), and Edie Taylorian (born February 27, 2011).

Cometan Childhood House

However, the majority of Cometan’s childhood was spent with his cousins at his grandparents’ residence at 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland. Cometan’s childhood at the house and its surrounding grounds were spent observing deeply religious Catholic traditions primarily lead by his grandmother, Irene, whom Cometan would later credited with igniting his fervent interesting in religion during his autodidactic formative teenage years. 

Dating History, Girlfriend & Wedding

Liana Tiratsuyan

Presently, Cometan is in a relationship with Liana Tiratsuyan (born December 20, 1996) whom he met in 2018. His dating history before this currently remains unknown. 

Did You Know?

  • His real full birth name is Brandon Reece Taylor and his professional name is Brandon Taylorian
  • Cometan worked at Hoghton Tower for two years during his formative period
  • Cometan chose his professional name of Brandon Taylorian after being inspired by the Armenian construction of names.
  • Cometan began writing The Omnidoxy at the young age of seventeen.
  • Cometan quickly became dissatisfied by the state of philosophy and the absent role of philosophers in society (thus igniting his concept of reascensionism)
  • He completed his Business and Marketing degree whilst also writing The Omnidoxy.
  • He tasted fame for the first time after appearing in various local magazines and news outlets his writing and philosophical works.
  • It was Cometan’s ultimate ambition to become the new face of philosophy in the 21st century.
  • He has played the piano since the age of 11.
  • His compositional career was halted when his former piano teacher lost some of his most prized compositions.
  • He is credited with organising and hosting the first astronomical stargazing event to take place at Hoghton Tower in November 2018 lead by Professor Donald Kurtz.
  • Cometan first had the idea for the Jesse Millette character on his fifteenth birthday in 2013.
  • The author and philosopher soon found that he would need to use his entrepreneurial skills and his abilities in marketing in order to attain fame for his philosophy.
  • By the age of 19, Cometan had already travelled to China, Los Angeles, Florida, and Geneva.
  • His first magazine cover was taken at his 21st birthday party which was held at Hoghton Tower on 29th June 2019.
  • Cometan is an autodidact of philosophy meaning that he taught himself everything he knows about philosophy rather than learning it formally via a teacher or through an institution as part of a course.
  • Cometan is credited with coining thousands of new words, making him a prolific neologist.

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