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Doreen Lofthouse

Facts About Doreen Lofthouse

Celebrated NameDoreen Lofthouse
Age93 Years Old
Nick NameDoreen
Birth NameDoreen Lofthouse
Birth Date1930-02-27
Profession Entrepreneur
Birth NationUnited States

Doreen Lofthouse was an American businesswoman and Lancashire philanthropist who was well known as the business tycoon called to be "the mother of Fleetwood". She began to get fame after she started to spread the world of menthol and eucalyptus lozenges around the world in the 1960s. 

She transformed "Fisherman’s Friend" from a Lancashire wharf-based company into an international powerhouse sold in 120 countries alongside her husband, Tony. For her charity work, she was also awarded an OBE.

However, she passed away on March 31, 2021, as announced via social media sites by her family. Her vision and hard work led a British cough candy brand to global success which left £ 41 million to charity after passing away earlier this year. 

Fisherman's Friend tycoon Doreen Lofthouse dies aged 91

Doreen Lofthouse died on March 31, 2021, in the United States. She was 91 years old at the time of her death and is survived by her only son, Duncan Lofthouse. 

Lofthouse left the world leaving all of her contributions in the business world setting a marvelous example of what and how a woman can and does everything she wants with her will. 

Of her success, she once commented: “To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be fearless. Fisherman’s Friend is our baby. It allows us to employ several hundred people. It is our responsibility to ensure that the company continues to grow”.

Where was Doreen Lofthouse Born?

Doreen Lofthouse was born on February 27, 1930, in the United States. Her real name was Doreen Lofthouse. Her nationality was American. Lofthouse belonged to White ethnicity while Pisces was her zodiac sign. 

Born and raised in her hometown, Doreen always was influenced by her parents especially in the business field. Growing up, she attended a local school but left at age of 15 to establish her way of living life. She always knew what she always wanted to do and focused on it with no qualifications at all. 

Doreen Lofthouse Career

  • Doreen Lofthouse started his career initially as an employee at "Fisherman’s Friend".  
  • She helped Fisherman’s Friends to reach global stardom, with five billion candies sold worldwide each year with 55. million pounds sterling in annual revenue.
  • She even persuaded the national chemist Boots to store the menthol pill after working hours and hours alongside her husband. The brand soon reached maximum fandom and people began to fall in love with the cough candy day by day. 
  • She also had persuaded a Boots branch near Birmingham to buy Fisherman’s Friend. 
  • By the year of 1994, Fisherman’s Friend became the largest branded food exporter to Germany of Britain, importing some 100 million packages a year.
  • For her impact on the business world, she was even awarded an OBE in 2008. 
  • Her son Duncan Lofthouse still runs the company as managing director and is the only head now. It reports annual earnings of £5 million a year. 

Doreen Lofthouse Husband and Son

Doreen Lofthouse was a married woman and had been married twice till her death. Her first marriage was with Alan Lofthouse in 1960. They had a son together named Duncan Lofthouse but they later divorced. 

After a few years of her first marriage, she then got married to Tony Lofthouse in 1973. Tony was 14 years her junior and more annoyingly the nephew of Alan, her first husband. 

Tony was even the fourth generation of the Lofthouse family to head the company, "Fisherman’s Friend" who led the company until he died in 2018. Together with her husband Tony, Dooren worked for 100 hours a week just with a motto of leading the company into an established firm which they accomplished way before their death. 

They were together for over 45 years until Tony's death in 2018 leaving Dooren as a widow. 

Doreen Lofthouse Net Worth

Doreen Lofthouse had quite hefty earnings from her professional career as a businesswoman. Been on the working field for over 75 years, Lofthouse sure had managed to amass a healthy fortune from her internationally successful wharf-based company, "Fisherman’s Friend" that earned her million worth fortune. 

The company still had 55 million pounds sterling in annual revenue with a sale of over 5 billion candies each year including which she had a net worth estimated to be over and around $50 million. Two-thirds of the company's shares were held by Doreen and Tony Lofthouse, and the remaining third by a family foundation and Doreen’s son Duncan Lofthouse. 

As per her will, she left her £41million fortune to charity, over £300,000 amount to be shared by secretaries and gardeners, and the rest of her fortunes also donated to her charity, "Lofthouse Foundation". 

Doreen Lofthouse Height and Weight

Doreen Lofthouse was a beautiful lady in her early 90s at the time of her death. She had a height of 5ft. 4inches. with a bodyweight of around 65kg. She had a fair complexion with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

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    Celebrated Name Doreen Lofthouse
    Age 93 Years Old
    Nick Name Doreen
    Birth Name Doreen Lofthouse
    Birth Date 1930-02-27
    Gender Female
    Profession Entrepreneur
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    Celebrated Name Doreen Lofthouse
    Age 93 Years Old
    Nick Name Doreen
    Birth Name Doreen Lofthouse
    Birth Date 1930-02-27
    Gender Female
    Profession Entrepreneur
    Birth Nation United States