Who is Linda Odierno? General Odierno’s Wife, Age, Children, Husband’s Death

Looking back at the history of the US Army force, one of the most promising generals who contributed a lot to his country is General Raymond T. Odierno. Odierno who was well renowned as a four-star general in the United States Army, served as the 38th Army Chief of Staff passed away on October 9, 2021. 

His death at age of 67 following his long-term battle against cancer, left many of his colleagues, family, relatives, and all the army force in grief that even President Joe Biden praised Odierno as a “hero of great integrity and honor”. 

The woman behind General Odierno’s success, who remained with him throughout the years is his wife, Linda Odierno. Being a wife of a military person isn’t easy as she always lived with the fear of she would be able to see her husband’s face after the end of the war or not. Let’s get to know about General Odierno’s wife, Linda. 

Who is General Odierno’s Wife Linda Odierno?

Linda Odierno is an American citizen well recognized to be the only wife of late General Raymond T. Odierno. She remained as the main pillar/backbone system of Raymond and the family throughout the years raising their children alone. 

Born in Rockaway, New Jersey, Linda always had the vision to work for social works that she remained surrounded by all the positive people and friends throughout. She got deployed in 2015 at Pershing Missile Unit. 

Linda Odierno’s Husband and Children

Linda Odierno is a widow who was married for over 45 years to her late husband, Raymond T. Odierno. The couple got married in 1976 and were together for 4 decades until Raymond’s death in 2021. 

They were blessed with three children; Anthony, Katie, and Mike whom Linda raised in absence of her husband as he would be on the field of war often. Linda and Raymond even had turned grandparents to their four grandchildren. 

Linda’s relation with Raymond was not only of his wife but also of a friend as she always accompanied her husband in his official work. On Dec 5, 2011. she visited army Sgt. Ben Eberle at a San Antonio Military Medical Center.

For her volunteer service in pet therapy, she and her dog Tootsie even received the Special Salute Award from ret. Army Capt.Leslie Smith during the 31st USO Annual Awards Dinner March 14, 2013, in Arlington, VA. 

Raymond was always thankful to Linda as he even used to mention her in his speeches as once he thanked her for all the years of support and sacrifice… inspiring several other Army spouses. 

Gen. Raymond T. Odierno Died at age of 67 

Linda Odierno’s husband by whose name she is known among the people in the US, Raymond T. Odierno served for over 39 years for his country until his retirement in August 2015. 

He served as Commanding General of the United States Forces– Iraq and its predecessor, from September 2008 to September 2010, serving three tours throughout. On May 30, 2011, Odierno was appointed Chief of Staff of the Army.

However, on October 9, 2021, General Raymond died at age of 67 following his valiant battle against cancer for several years. His death left his country in tears and grief that even President Joe Biden praised Odierno as a “hero of great integrity and honor.” 

The president and first lady Jill Biden recalled that Odierno spoke at the funeral of his son Beau, who served under Odierno in Iraq and died of brain cancer in 2015. 

“We stand with the Odierno family and all of our brave service members who were shaped and molded by General Odierno during his life of service,”

Raymond was honored by several army forces and governmental parts. 

However, there was also discussion over his death day as his family refused to share every detail of his death even the funeral. They however released a statement; 

“The general died after a valiant battle against cancer; his death was not related to COVID. There are no other details to share at this time. His family is grateful for the concern and asks for privacy.”

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