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2020 has not been the best year for businesses and just ordinary people: companies have to cope with the economic crisis while students have to study at home and cope with different college assignments that have not become any easier. In the second case, it has made a good profit for other companies working online and helping students with their tasks (to pay for essay, you just have to place a request, «Please, do my essay» on one of the websites). It seems like the only people who have not been suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic are the actors: despite all the restrictions, including movies as well, their incomes keep rising. In this guide, we will talk about the top richest actors that have made good money in 2020.

Top richest actors and their incomes

Many young people studying in college dream to become famous actors, but instead, they have to think about how to solve their problems (if you wonder, «Who can do my math homework for me?» you can always send a request to student-targeted services). Meanwhile, real actors are making cash starring in new movies and receiving their share from previous projects. Even though many movie theaters remain closed worldwide, all premiere dates of the new films have been pushed back, and many actors feel to be out of work, their incomes are still very high. According to the data that Forbes has recently provided on the salaries in the movie industry, the top highest-paid actors are:

1. Dwayne Johnson

The absolute leader of this list is the famous “The Rock”' who has earned almost $88 million this year. Even though Dwayne has bought his personal football league, he remains the richest actor second year in a row. The former professional wrestler, he has built a successful career in the movie industry and this year generated a huge profit starring on a regular basis even during the pandemic. From June 2019 to June 2020, his incomes are estimated at $87,5 million where the major part is $23,5 million was received from Red Notice on Netflix and his own Project Rock;

2. Ryan Reynolds

The second after Johnson comes Ryan Reynolds, his incomes this year are just a bit lower than Dwayne`s and are estimated at $71,5 million. Reynolds earned this enormous amount of money due to his big-budget projects on Netflix, including Red Notice ($20 million) and Six Underground. This July, Netflix has also announced to be working out for a third movie with Reynolds` participation that the audience is likely to see soon;

3. Mark Wahlberg

The actor who is best known for the movie «The Departed» keeps making a lot of money and doesn`t plan to stop. This year he has earned $58 million mainly due to Spencer Confidential featured on Netflix and other projects he gets a share from. With the shows «Wahl Street» and «McMillions,» Wahlberg gradually increases his profits and is likely to take one of the top places on this list the next year as well;

4. Ben Affleck

A few million less, and we receive the yearly income of Ben Affleck - $55 million. After a few private scandals, Ben returns to the big screen and releases the new movie «The Way Back,» which becomes a huge success. Summed up with other endeavors, it gives him an honorable fourth place. With several other movies like «The Last Duel» and «Deep Water» coming up soon, he is likely to increase his annual salary a few times;

5. Vin Diesel

Another actor with practically the same earnings is Vin Diesel – he has earned $54 million in 2020. After the success of F8, the actor receives top places on similar charts, and these places could have been higher if the F9 release has not been delayed to 2021. The majority of the actor`s revenue comes from producing several Netflix animated series;

6. Akshay Kumar

Surprisingly, but not only Hollywood actors take the top places on our list: Kumar is the only Bollywood star that could make it up here with his $48,5 million this year. His income is made of Amazon Prime`s «The End» and different endorsement deals from multivitamins to such products as toilet cleaners;

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda

The actor has not been widely known for quite a long time, but after Disney bought the rights for «Hamilton» original Broadway production, his popularity has gone extremely high ($45,5 million in 2020). In addition to this project, Miranda is also making money on «In the Heights» after the release of which his total earnings are likely to become bigger;

8. Will Smith

Will Smith earns one million less: his revenue has reached $44,5 million this year. During this decade, Smith has been taking top places on the lists of highest-paid actors, and he keeps earning enough to stay in the same positions. In 2020 his earnings are made mainly from his role in «King Richard» and different endorsement deals.

Highest-Paid Actors in 2020

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