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Celebrated NameHiroshi Kamiya
Age48 Years Old
Nick NameHiro C
Birth NameHiroshi Kamiya
Birth Date1975-01-28
Profession Actor
Place Of BirthMatsudo, Japan
Siblingsa brother
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital Statusmarried
WifeHikaru Nakamura
Net Worth$40 million
Salary$2 million per year
Height5 ft 6 inches
Weight65 Kg
Body Typelean
Hair Colorblack
Eye Colorblack
Career Start1992-present
Hair Styleshort side-parted
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Hiroshi Kamiya is a Japanese voice actor, singer, and narrator. He was the winner of "Best Lead Actor" and "Best Personality" at the 3rd Seiyu Awards, and "Best Supporting Actor" at the 2nd Seiyu Awards. He currently works for Aoni Production, a Tokyo-based Japanese talent agency representing a fair number of voice actors and other Japanese entertainers. The 47-years old voice actor has been in the industry since 1992. He plays the role of a protagonist and has starred in many animations including Natsume's Book of Friends where he was the voice for Natsume. He has provided the voice for more than 200 manga series excluding Live-action films and Tokusatsu. He is well-known for the voice of Levi Ackerman in "Attack on Titan", Trafalgar Law in "One Piece", Mephisto Pheles in "Blue Exorcist", Izaya Orihara in "Durarara!!", Shinji Matō in the "Fate" franchise, Choromatsu in "Mr. Osomatsu" and others. 

Famous For 

  • For providing the voice of Levi Ackerman in the Japanese Manga series "Attack on Titan". 
  • For being one of the highest-paid and richest voice actors in Japan

When was Hiroshi Kamiya born?

Hiroshi Kamiya was born on 28th January 1975 in Matsudo, a city in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. His birth name is Hiroshi Kamiya. He holds a Japanese nationality and belongs to the Asian ethnicity. His star sign is Aquarius. He is a follower of Shintoism. He celebrated his 47th birthday as of 2022. 

Kamiya was born into a middle-class family. He was brought up by his parents in Ushiku, a city located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan along with his younger brother who works in the radio broadcasting industry. From a very small age,  Kamiya was keenly interested in watching anime. 

Kamiya attended the local high school in Ushiku. After high school, he tried to apply to Osaka University of Arts for their arts program, but he failed the entrance exam.

Hiroshi is working for Aoni Production at present

Source: @www.instagram.com/hiroshi1975kamiya

What does Hiroshi Kamiya do for a living?

  • Throughout his youth, Kamiya keeps on modifying his future goals eventually trying to become a performer. 
  • His first performance as a voice actor came in 1992. Kiteretsu Daihyakka and Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai are among his debut manga series.
  • In 1996, he provided the voice for Poberu Ronge in Dragon Ball GT.
  • The breakthrough of Kamiya came in 1998 after the manga series "Trigun" was released which became a popular anime in the 1990s. 
  • Kamiya's 2000s voicing journey begins with "Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran" in 2001 and also appeared in the super hit series "Beyblade" the same year. 
  • His debut film as a voice actor was "Digimon Frontier: Ancient Digimon Revival" released in 2002. 
  • From 2002 to 2008, he provided the voice for Lyra Orphee of "Saint Seiya Hades: Chapter Inferno". 
  • Since 2009, he has been providing a voice for Trafalgar D. Water Law of "One Piece". 
  • His most successful animation film is "One Piece: Stampede" released in 2019 which grossed $94.7 million worldwide. 
  • Currently, he provides the voice for Levi Ackerman of "Attack on Titan", one of the current hit manga series in Japan. 
  • Its 4th and final season premiered in December 2020. A second part consisting of 12 episodes aired from January to April 2022, and a third and final part will premiere in 2023.
  • In 2022, he provided the voice for the animated film "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero", "Mr. Osomatsu: Hippo-Zoku to Kagayaku Kajitsu" and "Backflip!!" including a live-action film "Mr. Osomatsu". 

Who is Hiroshi Kamiya's wife?

While not officially confirmed, Hiroshi Kamiya has been assumed to be married. According to rumors, his wife is believed to be none other than the beautiful and talented Japanese manga artist Hikaru Nakamura. She is best known as the creator of the manga series Arakawa Under the Bridge and Saint Young Men, the latter of which won a Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2009.

Their marriage allegation was revealed by the tabloid magazine Flash in July 2016. Nakamura gave birth to her first child, a daughter, in November 2011 which means that the couple has been married for an undetermined amount of time. During the 484th episode of Dear Girl: Stories, Kamiya only confirmed himself to be the person in the photo with the child, but he has never revealed the marriage allegations.

Hiroshi Kamiya's sexual orientation is straight. 

What is Hiroshi Kamiya's net worth?

As of May 2022, the net worth of Hirisohi Kamiya is estimated to be US $40 million. Currently, Kamiya is one of the most popular and richest voice actors in Japan. As an "A" rated Seiyuu, he earns around $400 per episode. In a year, Kamiya brings home a whopping $1 million- $2 million alone from the manga series. His further income comes from the endorsement deals. 

Japanese Voice Actor, Hiroshi Kamiya

Source: @www.instagram.com/hiroshi1975kamiya

How tall is Hiroshi Kamiya?

This handsome-looking Asian young man has a height of 5 ft 6 inches and his body weight is around 65 Kg. He has a lean build body. He has an average build body. Despite being in his late 40s, the voice actor still looks very young like in his 20s. He looks smart in his short side-parted hairstyle which is apparently black in color. He has a pair of black-colored eyes. 

Trivias About Hiroshi Kamiya You Need To Know.

  • He is also a fan of Tomokazu Seki and Michiko Neya.
  • He is a big fan of cats.
  • In his early career, he fell into debt due to the expensive transportation fares.
  • He is a fan of Kpop music.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiroshi Kamiya.

Where was Hiroshi Kamiya born?

Hiroshi Kamiya was born in Matsudo, Japan.

What is the net worth of Hiroshi Kamiya?

The net worth of Hiroshi Kamiya is $40 million.

What is the salary of Hiroshi Kamiya?

The salary of Hiroshi Kamiya is $2 million per year.

What is the color of Hiroshi Kamiya's hair?

Hiroshi Kamiya hair color is black.

What is the color of Hiroshi Kamiya's eye?

Hiroshi Kamiya eye color is black.

Hiroshi Kamiya Biography

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  • May 9, 2022
Hiroshi Kamiya Famous For title=
Celebrated Name Hiroshi Kamiya
Age 48 Years Old
Nick Name Hiro C
Birth Name Hiroshi Kamiya
Birth Date 1975-01-28
Gender Male
Profession Actor
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Celebrated Name Hiroshi Kamiya
Age 48 Years Old
Nick Name Hiro C
Birth Name Hiroshi Kamiya
Birth Date 1975-01-28
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Nationality Japanese
Place Of Birth Matsudo, Japan
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Shintoism
Horoscope Aquarius
Siblings a brother
Sexual Orientation straight
Marital Status married
Wife Hikaru Nakamura
Children 1
Net Worth $40 million
Salary $2 million per year
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Weight 65 Kg
Body Type lean
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Career Start 1992-present
Hair Style short side-parted