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The hen night is often one of the most critical nights for a woman. It’s valuable time because it’s right before her wedding to her true love, it’s a time spent with friends and close family, and it’s a way to enjoy all the freedom you want before getting married and settling down.

However, planning a hen night can be a challenge all its own, but here at Celebrate Just Right, we aim to help out. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure that all the instructions you need are right here, so let’s get started.

Pick Your Party

It’s time to decide first and foremost what kind of party you want to have. What’s going to make your event one that you remember? What types of activities do you want to include? These are all important questions because they help you to figure out exactly what kind of party you’re going to wind up having and who you’re going to include.

Have You Booked The Venue?

Part of your hen party checklist is going to be making sure you’ve got the right venue for the job all booked up and ready to go. As a part of the process, this can be critical and helps you to make smart decisions when it comes to planning out all of the different parts of your party. You should make sure that the venue is booked and ready to go well in advance, because it can make such a difference to what you do and how you do it.

Sorted Entertainment?

Something else that you’ve got to make sure you’ve done is sort out the entertainment for the night. Are you going to hire out a stripper? Are you going to invest in some cheeky butlers? Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s sorted and confirmed well in advance, so if needs be you can make amendments ahead of time. Plus, it gives that all important peace of mind too. 

Guest List?

Ah, here we go. It’s time to sort out the guest list and figure out who you want to invite to the event in the first place! You want to make sure you’re only picking those people who you know will enrich your experience and make it a good one, so it’s so important to stop and consider invites carefully. Try and avoid inviting people who are going to ruin your night and give the place a bad vibe, because you typically only get one shot at this!

All in all, these are just some of the things you should consider when it comes to planning a hen party checklist. It’s so easy to find yourself forgetting crucial details. But, when it’s a hen night for a lovely lady you know or even your event, you have to make sure that you’re planning everything out carefully. You only get one shot at this regularly, so you have to make it count and pick activities which will ensure you have a good time. 

How Do I Plan a Hens Night Checklist?

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  • May 5, 2019