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Born and raised in Egypt, 26 years old Muhammad Saleh is winning the hearts of many in his home country. Muhammad Saleh, who is now an integral part of the International football club LiverPool, has set up many records for the football club. Although the footballer has been credited for his excellent performance in football, this fans in Egypt have a huge respect for his modest behaviour. Saleh is not only considered a footballer, rather he is seen as a superstar in his homeland. Being a highly cultural country, with modest dresses, integrated values, the Egyptians respect Muhammad Saleh for his down to earth nature, modesty and respectful attitude.

The footballer holds an influential personality, effecting millions around the globe. In an interview with Times, Muhammad Saleh explained how honorable he feels about being idealized by kids around the world and especially in his own country. He also says that he always respected women and women rights, but now he respects them more. Speaking of women empowerment, he focused on freedom of expression either by their modest dresses, ways of living or their everyday rights.

To reach the iconic position, the footballer did all the efforts he could do. He would travel for nine hours straight in public transport for his football practice in El Mokawloon. According to his friends and family, Saleh would practice hard and care less about everything else around him. He played his debut in the Egyptian football league at the young age of 15. At the age of 19, the player moved to Europe and joined FC Basel. Spending a total of two years in the Swiss club, Saleh was signed in by Chelsea to play for them in Italy. The young player did an amazing job at Roma and was eventually signed by LiverPool. 

The young footballer is considered an icon in Egypt due to his amazing football performance and his attractive way to stand out. The player stands out by being highly respectful to his country, his religion, and his roots. This attitude sustained even after his good 64 goals in almost 94 games. The iconic star secured the Golden boot award along with setting a new Premier League record for the highest number of goals by a single player in a single 38-game campaign. Saleh scored the highest goals i.e. 32 during the English Premier League. 

Mo Salah

Other than his performance in football, Saleh has been praised for his humble and modest attitude. The star bows down after each goal he makes and thus devotes his efforts to his religion each time. Moreover, Saleh shows an incredibly open heart when it comes to donations and funding for his homeland. The star donated 30,000 euros to the Association of Veteran Egyptian Players as a gratitude to his country. In addition, he rejected the luxury house gifted to him by a businessman in Egypt as an homage to his goal against Congo in the World Cup qualifier.

The Egyptian icon was also credited by the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Minister for Youth and Sports Khaled Abdel for his contribution of 5 million Egyptian Pound to the Egyptian fund raising organization “Tahiya Masr”. The people of Egypt, along with the authorities were humbled by Muhammad Saleh’s concern for the economic developing of the country. Saleh is considered a national hero and a representative of the Egyptian culture across the globe. The love people hold for Saleh in Egypt is pretty obvious by the fact that there exists a school, in the city of Basyoun, named after him. In fact, there are streets named after this iconic figure in Egypt. All this love and devotion is obvious through the acts of his followers in Egypt.

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The fans also adore the right Winger because of the originality he shows in his personality. After coming back from an exotic holiday, the footballer came across a girl fan who hugged him out of excitement. Previously, some actresses including Jessy Abdo, a Lebanese actress, also took a number of pictures with the star. After looking at the picture of her son hugging a girl, Saleh’s mother immediately rebuked him by saying: “Oh God what is this? If I saw your dad doing this I'd divorce him," The audience has a massive heart melt after Saleh posted his story on Instagram. His fans in Egypt loved the duo for the adorable act, every Egyptian mother would do. The fans also found this very relatable. One of the fans commented:

“Wallah all Egyptian moms are the same" @shamelkh

To sum it all up, Muhammad Saleh is known for his modesty around the globe, especially in Egypt. He has an incredibly high fan following in his motherland not only because of his amazing performance in football, but also because of his humble and modest attitude. 

How Mo Salah Become an Egyptian Icon?

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