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There is a well-known relationship between celebrities and the media, specifically the writers in the online world. The society is celebrity obsessed but the celebrities - no matter how much they hated - depend on the media for their fame and vice versa. The celebrities need attention if they want to keep having a successful career. The media makes the stories which make them a lot of money because of all the readers. And writing about celebrities may seem pretty easy at the outset but it’s a branch unlike any other, with its specific requirements. Especially so if you want to differentiate what you do from all of the other writers, especially celebrity gossip writers and tabloids. Celebrities are looking for writers that can represent what they stand for well and that can paint a good and valuable picture of them to the people. So, if you want to be the kind of writer that creates true, insightful and meaningful celebrity stories, these are the rules to follow:

Do your research

Before you go to an interview with your subject, you should do plenty of research. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you asked them something that’s completely unrelated to them? Or if they mentioned something obvious about themselves but you didn’t know that? This could be a very awkward situation for you and it could make your celebrity very closed off and confused as to your unprofessionalism. So, make sure that you have thoroughly researched your celebrity and that you know plenty about them - their likes, their dislikes, their hobbies, recent efforts and projects and so on. This can help you keep the conversation going and it can also help you impress them. For example, if you know what food they like, you can set up your meeting in a restaurant that serves food. All of this helps you seem more professional and it will help your celebrity open up and talk more.

Prepare the topic

Not every interview you have will have to be that big, all-encompassing interview about their entire life and achievements so far. Some interviews will be more focused on a single topic - a new album, a new movie, a new advertisement or their own new project or something similar. So, you have to prepare for that specific subject you are going to focus on. Learn about the movie, listen to the album if available, learn about the type of project they are taking on and so on. This is an important step because then you can prepare for really insightful, informative questions instead of asking basic things everyone already knows.

Work on your headline

“When you have all of your content perfectly written, edited and styled with the best writing practices available, it is time to make a great headline. Headlines are especially important because they are what will attract your audience to your article and make them click and click through,” says Isla Band, celeb blogger at 1day2write and Nextcoursework. The headline tells the reader what the story is about. When it’s not the most interesting story ever, you need to form the headline that will help them be more interested in your story. One of the most important things is to address the common necessities like the who, what, when, where, why and how if applicable. Make it inviting and very interesting.

Don’t forget the intro

The intro is another very important element, serving the purpose of attracting the reader to click on your article and read it. This is what they will probably be able to read under your headline link so it needs to be very enticing, tell them what the story is about, tell them the facts and serve as a hook for your story.

When writing news, make it exciting

“If your story is not an interview but rather a news story, you should make sure it’s timely, immediate and fresh. No one cares about old news and boring stuff. News should be fresh and recent, especially interesting and informative,” says Rita Grey, publicist at Writemyx and Britstudent. So, writing about celebrities isn’t as easy as it may seem in the beginning. It takes skill, hard work and plenty of research to be able to do something like that - important stories that matter, in a way. Keep following these rules and make sure that you respect your story subjects, telling their stories as they are instead of making them better or worse. Hopefully, these rules will help you develop your own style and become a successful celebrity writer.   Joel Syder is a celebrity journalist and writer at Research Paper Help and PhD Kingdom. He enjoys helping people to create better stories as well as creating articles about things that excite him for Academic Brits.

How To Write About Celebrities Online?

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