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Nick Fury started Avengers one of the different Avengers. We humans thought that the evils were born and revolve around the earth or merely on this earth but there were far more evils entities waiting from the distant world to destroy human’s life on the earth. In the world, the evils were increasing more and more. Because of that, it was difficult for people to have a good normal life on earth. There were superheroes from different countries and they used to save their own counties. Because of the rise of evils, it was hard for superheroes to save their countries. So, they all thought of forming an alliance of the superheroes (Avengers).



Thanos was the main evil who was a huge and powerful creature. He had lots of armies and good technology. His purpose was to get 6 infinity stones and reform or rule the new world. And if he gets the infinity stones than the whole world would be chaos. All the Avengers assembled and fought the great galactic war and together they brought the way to the endgame. Along the way to the end game they lose, the main Iron man but most of them were still alive. 

I think this is not the last game of the infinity war but not for the Avengers. We still have lots of Avengers left who can still have the courage and power to save the earth from other evil. Evil can be different as well some Avengers can be changed but can come in different stories. Ruffalo still has two movies on his Marvel contract. So he might say that it wouldn’t be hulk solo movie but he could show up in some marvel unannounced projects. It is unclear whether Rhodes would return in the movies as war machine or even take on the Iron man himself.  

There’s perhaps no highly anticipated film in 2019 than avengers the endgame. Thought the fates of some characters were decided in the endgame but there are a lot more to expect from Marvel. Still, in typical Marvel Fashion, we can’t be sure what happens next. Given recent studio mergers, a lot could change in the Marvel cinematic universe. We might see X-men fighting the Avengers or fantastic four villains invading upcoming Marvel Movies.

So, therefore it’s not sure whether another part will come or not but in my view it might come. Because still they are lots of  Avengers left and evil can’t be finished it can again rise back.

Is Endgame going to be the last Avengers movie?

  • Alex
  • May 5, 2019