Who is Artist Jess De Wahls️? Age, Job, Net Worth, Personal Life, Facts, Wiki & Instagram

Jess De Wahls️

Quite a popular name these days that has been on headlines for some weeks, Jess De Wahls️ is a bona fide lynchpin of the international textile art scene from East Germany. Her work as an artist-led her too much success that her artworks were even presented at the Royal Academy gift shop. 

She even often participates in national and international group exhibitions to promote Textile Art and show her work to new audiences. It didn't last long as, during June 2021, several controversial news of Jess began surfacing online for which her artworks were even removed from the Royal Academy. 

There have been judging questions raised against Jess if she had ever criticized LGBT charity and gender identity ideology back in 2019. Even asking if she is Transphobic?? She is the most recent victim of a social media death. All these controversial questions have let many of us know more about Jess, her family, and her works. 

Who is Jess De Wahls️?

Jess De Wahls️ is a professional textile artist from East Germany who is well recognized for her artworks. Born in East Germany she grew up developing an interest in art and paintings. Her nationality is Germany while she belongs to the White ethnicity. 

She has not talked out her family so much but while voicing her fears that gender politics have become too "tribal," she once mentioned her own father's gender non-conforming self-expression on the blog. IN one of the blog posts she also mentioned gender politics being one of the problems she faced while growing up in East Germany. 

She is mostly known for her hand-sewn relief portraits which she makes using up-cycled clothing. Her works have led her to have 3 solo exhibitions of her own. Just recently in 2018, she was invited to show her work in Australia for her first international solo exhibition. 

What Does Jess De Wahls️ Do For Living?

Jess De Wahls herself is a self-trained artist who has created several highly intricated embroideries and portraits for several years. Her most famous talents include the "Rettex Sculpture" which she has coined for a technique from which she hand-sews her relief portraits from up-cycled clothing. 

Her work focuses on promoting social change and gender equality, as well as investigating Feminism and embracing recycling and reuse. Her extensive work has been exhibited and sold internationally, as well as featured online and in print, and is quickly acquiring recognition outside of the Textile Art community.

She also has participated in national and international group exhibitions to promote Textile Art and show her work to new audiences. Her artworks were even presented at Royal Academy's online shop which currently has been removed following some online critics over her perspective on gender. 

She also appeared as a mentor to the finalist of the popular and prestigious "Hand and Lock London Embroidery Prize". Besides, she also has been a storyline for several web portals and self-titled biography as well. 

Jess De Wahls️'s Controversial Story

Recently in 2021, her artworks were pulled down from the online shop of Royal Academy, London. This was the major thing that created a lot of headlines over a week as her artworks on which she had put on a lot of effort were pulled down without any knowledge of Jess over some online critics over her views on gender judging the gender and hindering the LGBT community. 

She was judged and backlashed over comments she made in 2019 saying, "humans can not change sex". This actually got Jess to come down online asking the Royal Academy for an apology via her Instagram. Overviewing which the company released an apology statement that reads; "We had no right to judge her views". 

"There has been a great deal of debate around the RA's recent communication about no longer stocking the work of Jess de Wahls in the Royal Academy shop. We have thought long and hard since then about this and the wider issues it raises."

"One thing is clear to us now - we should have handled this better. We have apologized to Jess de Wahls for the way we have treated her and do so again publicly now. We had no right to judge her views on our social media. This betrayed our most important core value - the protection of free speech."

Receiving the apology, Jess responded saying that the apology was "common sense and I am glad we are getting back to that. I hope this makes other institutions wake up and take note."

Is Jess De Wahls️ a Transwoman?

Looking up the news of Jess De Wahls️ being criticized for her viewpoint on gender, we doubt if she is a transwoman. Her comments released in 2019 saying, "humans can not change sex" caused a lot of stereotypes among people around the world. 

Also, she never has given a clue or said if she was a transwoman or a transphobic and there is no clear evidence to prove Jess being Transphobic. Even so, she has clearly mentioned that she doesn’t believe that a trans woman is a woman knowing the fact that she is a feminist artist. 

Is Jess De Wahls️ Married?

Jess De Wahls️ Family

Source: Instagram @jessdewahls

Jess De Wahls️, around 30-33 years old lady is a happily married woman. She has been married for over a decade to her husband with whom she even shares a daughter. However, she never has presented her family in front of the world yet. 

How Much Does Jess De Wahls️ Earn?

Jess De Wahls️ surely has some good earnings from her professional career as an artist and also a blogger. Her paintings, artworks, and handmade portraits earn her quite a good fortune which is estimated to be around $50k. 

Is Jess De Wahls️ Active on Instagram?

With her up growing popularity in the field of art, Jess has managed to have thousands of people obsessed over her, more precisely her artistic works. Her active participation on social media sites seems to be more related to her arts and artworks. 

As of June 24, 2021, she has a verified Instagram account: @jessdewahls with over 42k followers.