Who is ‘Bean Dad’ John Roderick?

John Roderick who became trending is Twitter as “Bean Dad” in January 2021 is an American musician, writer, podcaster, and politician. Roderick is currently the lead singer and guitarist of the indie rock band, The Long Winters. Roderick gained massive criticism for his tweets in January 2021 where he discussed preventing his 9-year-old daughter from eating until she learned to open a can of baked beans using a manual can opener. Along with the excessive backslash, he was given a nickname, “Bean Dad”. The incident caused his old tweets and comments to resurface where he had made anti-semitic, racist, and homophobic comments. 

Born on 13 September 1968 in Seattle, Washington, his first major band was Western State Hurricanes. The band was formed while Roderick was a student at the University of Washington. 

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His first band, Western State Hurricanes disbanded after it failed to sign a recording deal with Sub Pop Records. The group regrouped in 2020 to perform shows. 

Following Western State Hurricanes disbanding, he joined the alternative rock band, Harvey Danger in 1999. He played keyboard in the band until they went on hiatus in 2001.

Roderick then founded the indie rock band, The Long Winters with former Harvey Danger singer/songwriter, Sean Nelson in 2001. The band has released three studio albums, The Worst You Can Do Is Harm (2001), When I Pretend to Fall (2003), and Putting the Days to Bed (2006). The band still continues to play music on several shows.

Roderick has hosted several podcasts. He began co-hosting his first podcast, Roderick on the Line in 2011. He started his second podcast, Road Work in 2015 and his third podcast, Omnibus in 2017. He started a weekly podcast about war films titled Friendly Fire in January 2018. 

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What is Bean Dad?

Bean Dad is a nickname given to The Long Winters member, John Roderick along with the extreme backslash he received for his series of tweets in January 2021. In a tweet, Roderick discussed not allowing his 9-year-old daughter from eating until she learned to open a can of baked beans using a manual can opener. His daughter approximately took 6 hours to open a can, according to him. His tweets garnered massive negative comments. Soon, he was given the nickname, “Bean Dad” which began trending on Twitter. Roderick not only faced criticism for this specific tweet, but the incident also caused his controversial past tweets to resurface. Roderick had made comments using derogatory language that was seen as using anti-semitic, homophobic, racist. 

Due to the extreme backslash, Roderick subsequently deleted his Twitter account. 

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The podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me, removed Roderick’s music as its theme song. The podcast had used “It’s A Departure” from the Long Winters album Putting The Days To Bed as its theme song.  

Ken Jennings and Michael Ian Black were a few of the known figures who stepped forward to defend Roderick. Jennings said Roderick was “a loving and attentive dad who[…] tells heightened-for-effect stories,”. Black defended Roderick saying that Roderick’s older tweets were “obviously jokes, not proof of any abhorrent beliefs”.

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