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Who is Jordan Edwards?

  • 15-Years-Old, Jordan Edwars lived in Balch Springs, Texas.
  • He was a first-year student at Mesquite High School where he played football.

Cause of Death

  • On 29th April 2017, Jordan Edwards, a black teen was shot in back of the head by Ex-police officer, Roy Oliver (37-Years) in Balch Springs, Texas and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
  • Officer Roy Oliver fired three rifle (armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic) rounds into a vehicle, striking Edwards in the head and killing him.
  • In the car there were four more. Two were Jordan's brothers and another two were his friends where his brother (16-Years), Vidal Allen was driving the car.
  • At the time of shot, Jordan was riding in the front passenger's seat of a vehicle driving away from a party and he was unarmed.
  • On 5th May 2017, Roy Oliver, was fired from the police department and was arrested.
  • He turned himself into police later that day and was released after posting $300,000 in bail.
  • On 3rd May 2018, Oliver's murder trial was postponed for a second time, and was rescheduled to begin August 20.
  • On 28th August 2018, Oliver, ex-cop was found guilty of murder.
  • Thousands of people began using the hashtag #jordanedwards on social media in response to the shooting.
  • The mother of Jordan Edwards thanked jurors Tuesday for convicting her son's killer rather than letting him "walk away".
  • Daryl Washington said, "It's about every African-American, unarmed African-American, who has been killed and who has not gotten justice".
  • He added what happened to Jordan never should've happened.
  • Authorities said they found evidence suggesting Oliver "intended to cause serious bodily injury and commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that caused the death".
  • According to the Washington Post Fatal Force database, more than 980 people were killed by police in 2017.
  • Previously, in the year 2013, Roy was supposed to testify in a DUI Case for being angry, hard to contact and using vurgal language and was suspended for two days.

Jordan Edwards Shooting Death

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