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Karina Pascucci

Facts About Karina Pascucci

Celebrated Name Karina Pascucci
Nick Name Karina
Birth Name Karina Pascucci
Gender Female
Profession Stripper
Birth Nation United States
Nationality American
Best Known For the character, Annabelle in "Hustles"
Body Type Slim
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Place Of Birth USA
Height Will Add Soon
Weight Will Add Soon
Marital Status Unknown

Karina Pascucci is a popular social media personality and a stripper. Karina Pascucci has been a real-life story for the drama, "Hustlers" that Jennifer Lopez and co. brought recently in September 2019 that also features celebrities including Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez herself.

The movie is based on Pascucci's and her friends, Maria Rosen and Roselyn Keo's real-life story. 

Who are "Hustler"'s Real Characters? 

Karina Pascucci Stripper

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The movie Hustlers brought up to by the famous actor and singer Jennifer Lopez and company is based on a real-life story of three ladies in a town named Roselyn Keo, Karina Pascucci and Marsi Rosen.

Keo is currently enjoying to find herself in the limelight from Hustlers, at the same time, Karina and Marsi are trying to avoid it, while Samantha Barbash is trying to discredit the film. 

Pascucci inspired the character, Annabelle, played by Lili Reinhart while Mercedes, played by Keke Palmer is inspired by Marsi Rosen and the character of Rosie is that of Keo. 

What is Karina Pascucci Famous for?

  • Karina Pascucci is famous as the internet personality and as a stripper.

Karina Pascucci Career

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What does Karina Pascucci Do For Living?

Karina Pascucci has been working as a stripper for her living. Pascucci became popular for her alleged felony on drugs and men stripping. Karina Pascucci also came in popularity for her credit card heist. After the release of "Hustlers", Pascucci gained much popularity all over the social media. 

Pascucci is an alleged criminal and has been under custody and jailed many times. Recently in 2016, Pascucci was jailed as she was accused of drugging wealthy strip-club clients and then running up tabs on their credit cards for which she said herself to be guilty.

Pascucci has her all dependency on her work as stripper through which she has been engaged in several other crimes. 

Karina Pascucci Arrested

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Karina Pascucci and Marsi Rosen Were Sentenced to Jail and Five Years' Probation!

The two strippers form New York, Karina Pascucci, 27 and Marsi Rosen, 29 had received the jail sentence and five years' probation after pleading guilty to conspiracy, assault, and grand larceny. 

The two strippers were found drugging wealthy clients and then robbing their thousands of dollars and credit cards.

The two ladies were a part of a gang of four including two Samatha Barbash and Roselyn Keo. The group allegedly scammed their victims out of $200,000 by first spiking their drinks and then dragging them to strip clubs, racking up charges on their credit card bills. 

However, Pascucci claimed herself to be innocent and also said that she was coerced into the scam by seasoned exotic dancer Barbash, who is supposed to be the gang's alleged leader. 

Karina Pascucci Prison

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Is Karina Pascucci Married?

Karina Pascucci, a beautiful lady of 27, might have been in a relationship with many guys. There is no information about her personal life. 

Is Karina Pascucci A Millionaire?

The stripper, Karina Pascucci has been earning money through her works in the strip-club. Pascucci probably might have managed to amass thousands of dollars through her work.

Besides, Pascucci is involved in drugs and credit card heist through which she also adds more to her fortune. 

Karina Pascuci Net Worth

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Who is Karina Pascucci?

The 27 years old, Karina Pascucci was born in 1992 in New York, United States. Pascucci's nationality is American. Karina Pascucci has a beautiful slim body physique. She has a chocolaty complexion with black hair and brown eyes. 

Did You Know?

  • Karina was sentenced to jail and five years' probation in 2016.