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Facts about Katie Stubblefield

  • 21-year-old American citizen, Katie Stubblefield is the youngest person ever in the history of USA to receive a full facial transplant.
  • Stubblefield was born in 1997 in Mississippi, USA.
  • Katie Stubblefield's facial transplant undergo about record-breaking 31 hours operation and required 11 surgeons led by Dr, Brian Gastman.
  • on March 5, 2014, Stubblefield at the age of 18, tried a suicide attempt in her bathroom at brother's house shooting through her chin with a 308-caliber hunting rifle but survived miraculously ( reason: she saw her boyfriend's texts with another girl).
  • Stubblefield received a new face of 31-year-old Adrea Schneider, who died in May 2017 due to a drug overdose.
  • Schneider's mother Sandra approved of transplant, but she yet is unaware of the face being used.
  • US Department of Defense through the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine funded the whole surgery for Stubblefield.
  • National Geographic Photographer Maggie Steber came into the knowledge about Stubblefield and followed her day to day routine for two and half years.
  • Stubblefield now wants to continue her studies to become a counselor/motivational speaker and work with other suicide survivors and raise awareness against suicide in the future.


Interesting Facts to be known about Katie Stubblefield

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