Kirsten Powers’s personal life, career and book


There would not anyone who wouldn't know name of Kirsten Powers in media Universe. Kirsten Powers is an American political pundit and analyst who is currently working as contributor on 'Fox News'. In addition to this, she also works as columnist for the newspaper 'USA Today', 'Newsweek' and 'The Daily Beast'.

Kirsten Power's current relationship status is single. For the first time, she dated with former Congressman, Anthony Weiner in 2002. Kirsten was in a love relation with Anthony for several years. Even taking decision of getting separate from each other, they remained as close friend. It is believed that Kirsten fell in love with Anthony Weiner when she was working with Congress. In 2011, she gave resignation from Congress after she defended the sexting scandal story of Weiner in May 2011.

Kirsten Power got married to American surgeon, Marty Makary in January, 2010. After spending three years together, Kirsten Powers ended her relationship with Marty in 2013. During the time she was in mid 30s, she changed religion to evangelical Christian. She decided to become evangelical Christian when she started dating with religions Christian man. However, Kirsten preferred to call herself as orthodox Christian rather than evangelical Christian.

Kirsten Power initially worked as deputy assistant in Clinton administration. After working as deputy assistant for some period, she was appointed as vice president of international communications at 'America Online'. She even held the responsibility as vice president at AOL-Time Warner Foundation when America Online merged with Time Warner. Kirsten has served many years working in 'New York State Democratic politics'. She has worked as staff member of 'New York State Democratic Committee' and as press secretary for 'Andrew Cuomo. Kirsten has also worked on the campaign 'Vote No on 3'. She has also worked as press secretary for Democratic National Committee chair. In addition of dedicating time in politics, Kirsten is also working as contributor on 'Fox News'. She is also serving as columnist for many newspapers like 'USA Today', 'Newsweek' and 'The Daily Beast'.

Kirsten Power released her first book titled 'The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech' in 2015. The book was published by the publication Regnery Press. In the book, she has provided brief knowledge on hypocrisy and intolerance which she has mentioned as term 'illiberal left'. Kirsten has mentioned her view about liberalism in her book. According to her, liberalism requires respectful and free debate and opinions of other people. Kirsten Power's word included in the book 'The Silencing' is reflected not as an argument for the efficacy of 'Democrat Policies'. All the readers has taken her book in the positive way and loved her creative work.