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Who is Dalton Gomez?

Dalton Gomez, the name that we have been hearing recently especially in the world of glamour and music, is none other than the boyfriend and now the fiance of a popular pop star, Ariana Grande. Just a few weeks ahead of the special night of Christmas 2020, Grande announced the big news of her engagement to her boyfriend, Gomez, on December 21, 2020, posting a series of photographs of the couple together along with the meaningful engagement ring. 

Grande and Gomez, the ultra low-key couple that had been maintaining their relationship private out of the public eye in recent months first came out to the public office in May 2020 in her duet song, "Stuck With U". 

The news came less than a year after the two were first seen together(caught by paparazzi) in February 2020, although they have never revealed how long exactly they've been dating. With the news of Grande getting engaged, there is also another thing to celebrate which is the release of her Netflix documentary, "Excuse Me, I Love You" the same week. 

It seems that the couple will be getting married soon. Let's get to know more about Grande's soulmate, Dalton Gomez, how they met, and when??

Who is Ariana Grande?

Everything you need to know about Ariana Grande's Husband Dalton Gomez

Dalton Gomez is a Real Estate Agent. 

Dalton Gomez is a well-educated real estate tycoon who has been working as a buyer's agent/ realtor in a luxury company based in Los Angeles, Aaron Kirman Group for years now. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of architecture and luxury estates which makes him wiser and talented. 

On other hand, he even holds one of the largest Rolodexes of A-list buyers.

He is from South Carolina and younger than Ariana Grande.

Gomez was born on August 7, 1995, in South Carolina, United States, and was raised in the same place where he completed his education. Born in the years 1995, Gomez turned 25 this year 2020 while his fiance, Grande born in 1993 turned 27 this year. 

He is linked with other celebrities. 

Not only that he is Grande's fiance, but also the fact that he has some link with several other celebrities as well. He was once spotted hanging out with Miley Cyrus and was also featured on her Instagram story back in 2017. 

Also, Gomez is friends with Grande’s close friends Alfredo Flores and Courtney Chipolone and Grande is close with his brother tattoo artist Dakota Gomez.

He starred in her music video. 

Dalton and Ariana kept their relationship a secret until they confirmed themselves when Dalton appeared in her music video duet with Justin Bieber, "Stuck With You" in May 2020. In the short cameo of Dalton, he was seen hugging Ariana and kissing her on her forehead eventually revealing his face. 

He started dated Ariana in early 2020. 

Even though the couple never came publicly until May 2020, there are speculations that they started dating in early 2020. They met each other through their mutual friends as they run in the same circle. 

They were spotted together for the first time in February 2020 where Grande was seen making out with him at Bar Louie in Northridge, California, though his face wasn't recognized at the time. 

He has been quarantining with Ariana during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Just after they started dating, the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic for which they also had to maintain social distancing and were quarantined. It was the time for the couple to be together and spend more quality time staying together at their home. 

The news for the couple to be together was confirmed when Gomez began to show up on Grande's IG stories. According to some sources, it was officially confirmed that Grande had been with the same group of people one of which was Dalton.

He often appears on Ariana's social media sites.

To be with someone who is one of the most-followed personalities in the world is a very big deal for everyone but it was easy for Dalton as he has his own girlfriend with over 211 million followers on her Instagram: @arianagrande. He is often seen on Grande's IG stories, posts, and some behind-the-story photographs as well. 

Even on Gomez's birthday, she shared several photos and videos of the pair, writing, "hbd to my baby my best friend my fav part of all the days :) I love u."

He has a private Instagram account. 

Even though Gomez is the fiance of world-star singer Ariana, he seems to be happy within his own world. Instead of using the popularity of Grande for himself, he decided to be far apart from that side that he even made his account private as soon as their dating scandals went public. 

Dalton Gomez private instagram account

Source: Instagram

His Instagram account: dalton_jacob with only 4k followers is followed by Ariana herself and also by some other celebrities as well. 

He is supportive of Ariana(she also has written songs for him).  

Gomez seems to be more supportive towards his beautiful beau as he was seen helping her out for creating "rain" for one of the videos of her for Lady Gaga's Chromatica Weather Girls shot. Grande even featured a clear shot and footage of Gomez on her Instagram Story on May 26, 2020, where he was seen holding a pipe and adjusting himself to make the rainfall look perfect.

He was also there with Ariana during the VMAs 2020 as Grande shared a series of photos one of which was a photo of her holding Gomez's hand. 

Ariana even has written songs related to him in her sixth album one of which was "Positions" where her lyrics read, "Boy I'm gonna meet your mama on a Sunday" and "make a lotta love on Monday" which surely is about her current relationship. "Safety Net", another single is also about Grande falling for Gomez after being hurt by past relationships.

He proposed to her with a pearl diamond ring.

December 20, 2020, one of the biggest days of Grande's life was when she got engaged to her boyfriend, Gomez. Gomez proposed to her with a huge diamond ring which Grande shared on her Instagram posts with a caption, "Forever n then some".

Dalton Gomez proposed Ariana Grande with a huge diamond ring.

Source: Instagram

The ring features a slanted oval diamond paired with a pearl, which has a touching story behind it as the pearl on the side of the diamond ring is related to her grandparents. "Nonna had a ring made for me with the pearl from grandpa's tie in. She says he told her in a dream it'd protect me", she captioned while posting a photo of a pearl ring back in 2014. 

And now Gomez made their engagement ring more special attaching the same pearl to the ring. With this, Ariana and Dalton are inverse of getting married soon.