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Larry "Axman" Roach is one of the racers from outside of Oklahoma to join "Street Outlaws" this season which specifically focuses on Oklahoma City (which has been dubbed as having "America's fastest street cars"). This show is based on the world of street racing which follows street racers from around the USA and also tracks down racers from other cities. After his keen interest in racing, he learned to fabricate cars and built his own 1972 Nova. Native of Altavista, Virginia, he is currently engaged in filming Street Outlaws. As per his official website, '', he will continue filming for the next two months. "Street Outlaws" airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.  

Larry Axman Roach working on car


Where is Larry Axman Roach from?

Larry Axman Roach is originally from Altavista, Virginia, the USA. Thus, he owns the nationality of American. He came from American-White ethnic background making the race White. Coming to Larry's religion, he follows Christianity. When he was 10, he became fond of racing and he used to watch his cousins race. He then considers becoming a race one day. Information about his birth date and family details has not been disclosed yet. Larry recalls, "Growing up where I grew up - living on a mile dirt road - we were poor, looking back. When you grow up as a kid you don’t realize you’re poor, and that you don’t have the money. I mean, we ended up playing barefooted; we didn’t have a clue! We were living it up! We had family, that's all we had. So we lived it up!". He added, "I was watching my cousins race, and just wanting to beat them, drove me to work harder, to figure out how to get money to compete with them." Perhaps coincidentally, it was in those cousins' garage that Larry began to teach himself the skills and know-how necessary to make that happen. "By the time I was 15 years old, I was working on their cars, in their garage," he explains, continuing, "I would go to [their] garage, just trying to figure out how to make cars faster. I would pull engines down, rebuild them, try different things, call people, and try to learn everything I could about engines. And that’s where the bug really started."

What does Larry Axman Roach do for a living?

  • Having a deep interest in racing, Larry initially spent his early year's building and working on an ever-increasing number of cars. 
  • Later, Larry met Brent Austin, a fellow Virginian, and owner of the much-feared Megalodon car. Brent offered to help put the new build together, and as Larry describes, "For the next two years I spent every dime I made - lived with my parents - and bought parts and bought parts,” in order to make that happen. And Brent came through, building Larry (then just 19) a Nova which went low 6’s on the first pass and had reached 5.60's on only its third trip down the track in the 2000s which marked his first victory. 
  • His impressive performances on 275's continued at Keith Berry's inaugural Woodstock, in April of 2017 at South Carolina’s Darlington Dragway, where he chased Ziff across the 4.00-second barrier to become the second person in the threes on 275 drag radials. 
  • "Watching TV with my kids, and being a diehard racer, I just love the drive - the competition - when someone thinks they’re bad, to try to outrun 'em," Larry says in reference to his first impressions of the Street Outlaws franchise. 

Giant AX on the front of his 1963 Chevy II

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  • The first season of "Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings" headed to GALOT Motorsports Park in Benson, North Carolina, and Larry knew that his car would fit big tires. He lost to Larry Larson in the race-your-way-in competition. 
  • As of now, he competes against the nation's top street racers on "Street Outlaws: Fastest In America", which is currently airing Mondays at 8 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.
  • Larry's racing career was heavily supported by his wife, Sarah who can be seen lining Larry at each race. He said "Honestly, half the time I’m on the phone trying to keep my business running or dealing with work. She's packing the luggage, food, making sure I'm on time, everything. And then it's usually just me and her at the track. I probably couldn't do it without Sarah. She does a lot more than people see, a lot more". 
  • He says his racing program would be nothing without his wife. 
  • According to Larry, the Bruder Bros. and Team Vixen have been of great help in his racing career.

Larry Axman Roach Wife and Children

Larry Axman Roach with his wife, Sarah Mattox Roach and their children's


Larry Axman Roach is a married man since July 2016. He married his beautiful wife whose name goes by Sarah Mattox Roach. Their engagement date was 1st January 2016. By profession, Larry's wife, Sarah Mattox Roach is a certified Crossfit trainer which she became as of April 2020. She is also engaged in a family business and restaurant named "Two Sisters Taproom & Deli". The duo is also blessed with three kids (two sons and a daughter) namely Nitro, Cam, and Nova. Nitro is their eldest son whose present age is 11 and their second-born kid, Cam's present age is 7, and their last-born daughter, Nova is 2 as of now. They also co-parent a son named Ryder who came from a previous relationship. But whose previous relationship remains a mystery. Back in 2017, Sarah once uploaded a picture on Instagram featuring Axman, their sons, a kid named Ryder, and his parents and wrote, "see this? Co-parenting wins". Currently, the happily married couple is enjoying their present life a lot with their kids. 

Meet Larry "Axman" Roach's Wife From 'Street Outlaws'

Sarah Mattox Roach captioned 'see this? co-parenting wins'

Larry Axman Net Worth

Racer, Larry Axman recently joined "Street Outlaws" this season. His net worth is estimated to have between $500K-$1 Million as of 2021. His major source of wealth is from racing career and he is living a cool lifestyle as of now. Sadly, he has not stated anything regarding his salary and career earnings to the media but there is no doubt in the mind of his followers that he is making a considerable amount of salary from his work. 

Larry “Axman” Roach from ‘Street Outlaws’ – Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Job, Career & Life Story

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