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Hello to the future with the tremendous opening of "Lion King" Remake. It has been proved that Disney's only competitor is Disney itself. With the smash of the box office, they have not just showcased a fantastic development; however, the studio has proven to have an utter dominance in animation and CGI by reaching to the peaks of Hollywood this month. The Lion King remake has already surpassed all expectations breaking some significant records of Avatar, Endgame, and Frozen with the initial tune of $531 million. The movie is not showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon.


With the supreme opening of The Lion King at the box office, it reins the highest-grossing live-action Disney remake movie. Thanks to the photorealistic CGI of Jon Favreau, 1994 classic beloved animated film has taken the whole world by storm. Although the movie has been praised for its spectacular animation and technological feats, it has received some divided critics along the way. The filmmakers have taken care to keep the original essence of the perfection by making minimal changes to the story while leaving some questioned unanswered that why it needed a remake in the first place? 

Lion King

However, despite critics and question marks, the movie has succeeded to make a convincing triumphant debut at the box office. The Lion King starry voice cast includes; Beyonce as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Donald Glover as Simba, Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumbaa. While James Earl Jones has got his role reprised as Mufasa from the original animated film.

Box office smash

The blockbuster reboot release has tracked more than $450 million for its weekend opening worldwide. It has exploded all expectations breaking all previous records of giant hauls. The Lion King has wound up with a tremendous domestic opening grossing $185 million in North America as of any Disney remake box office smash.

Lion King

Remember the release of Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book that were also directed by the same director, and it has gone far away from the history and future both. The good news is, with the gobbling records on its first weekend, The Lion King has now become the ninth biggest domestic opening of all-time in the history of animated movies. Also, it is the biggest box office smash of any PG film released by any American studio.

Net worth

The movie is Disney's fourteenth live-action CGI remake. The film is made with a budget of $260 million and is expected to cross $900 million box office worldwide soon. According to Box Office Mojo, The Lion King has already broken many records on its opening weekend and listed itself as Disney's highest-grossing remake astonishing $185,000,000, with 2017's Beauty and the Beast leaving behind with the pull of $174,750,616. With the accelerating push, the movie is continued to excel on a steady upward climb. It is predicted and expected that it will comfortably become the sensational king of all live-action box office movies for the Mouse House.

Lion King

Leaving behind blockbusters

As The Lion King has passed many milestones at the box office, the movie has joined the one billion dollar club of "Captain Marvel" "Aladdin" and "Avengers Endgame" as the fourth Disney movie to get the global sales ticket this year within just three weeks of release. This shows the prominent utter dominance of the studio as the evidence of being a leader in film space. 

“Some movies are not just a part of our entertainment, they are part of our lives” says Martha Scott, Academist Help.

Thanks to the massive slate smashing hit, Disney has gained 38% of the domestic market share and is expected to increase more than 40% after Fox, and its parent companies purchased it earlier this year.

Lion King

According to the director Jon Favreau, the hyper-realistic remake of the Lion King is becoming the fifth biggest global blockbuster hit of 2019. As mentioned above, the movie has earned nearly $361 million domestic box office, and it has earned $638 million on the international market as well. Moreover, it has shown a strong fan base in China with $115 million with $48 million in the United Kingdom and $44 million in Brazil.

The Disney studio settled some memorable records back in 2016 with another four blockbusters that grossed over $1 billion. For them, Disney is about to release including "Maleficent 2", "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" and "Frozen 2". Hence, critics are predicting an awful good change and grossing at least one more $1 billion movies by the start of 2010.

Therefore, there are more significant milestones coming right on the way towards Disney's benchmarks. As the company is committed and all set to make new records for global sales ticket, they are smashing the mark with one another that was previously set with $7.61 billion in 2016 and is close to hitting $7.67 billion worldwide.

What fans have to say?

"If a movie could be judged solely on technique, 'The Lion King' might qualify as a great one," AO. Scott of the New York Times wrote.

Lion King

There are a lot more emotional reviews that have flooded social media with a huge fan base. Fans are referring the as "The incredible comeback" for the classically animated live-action.

There are also some of the questioning critics to get the showdown; however, there is a spreader fan base to defend the chaos and influence along with their importance in daily lives. "Critics, of course, don't like this film, because it is everything they hate about Hollywood," Jeff Bock, senior box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations, said. "It doesn't matter what [critics] have to say, People already want to see it or don't want to see it, and there are lots of people are in the already want to see it camp." He further added.

The Executive Marketing head, Sarah Pelan at Australian Master says; “Not everyone is capable to see a character build behind animation with a human touch. The Lion King is the biggest astonishing accomplishment of Disney as it has conveyed immense emotions out of every viewer with powerful story telling. We don’t need a proof in figures; fan reaction has said it all.”

Lion King

Moreover, Beyonce's own fan base has proven to be a significant driving force for the movie as the musical sensation has 15 million followers on Twitter and 126 million followers on Instagram. "Beyonce alone, you are going to get every girl to go see this movie," Ehrlich said. "The talent is incredible."


As we all know that a smash hit the news is not that much shocking when it comes to CGI and action. Dismay has been in the top shot for long with a variety of releases. Recently, Marvel's Avengers Endgame has officially surpassed Science fiction adventure Avatar presented by James Cameron and become the highest-grossing movie of all time. The endgame has not just become a historical accomplishment for both Marvel and Disney; it has also proven that audiences starve for what mouse house has with their creativity.

The cinematic aura of Disney is far from the over, especially when they have Fox under their umbrella with an amazingly streaming service reign on the horizon.  Fans give credit to Disney for creating with high-quality, engaging content, and that is worth paying for them. They even pay an exhaustively high price of movie tickets just to see their heroes. Regardless of what critics are saying, we all know that they have stunned us with spectacular attempts to give new life to animated classics.

Although, having Marvel and Star Wars franchise under their roof with such a massive fan base, not to mention that Disney is not going elsewhere for a while. The Lion King box office smash is another proof that viewers and fans revel in nostalgia as Disney is their favorite platform to get the best outcomes for entertainment.

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Lion King ‘Remake’ Smashing Box Office Record

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