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The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shut down major parts of the world, already taking over 60,000 lives. The world is in chaos because major countries around the globe are either on complete lockdown or partial lockdown. Many have been practicing self-isolation over a couple of months. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the regular life of every people. However, the two New Yorkers found each other due to this quarantine period. Their romantic dating saga started during the quarantine and their video has gone viral over the internet. Some television network also broadcasted their news about how they found each other. 

Jeremy Cohen, New York's freelance photographer looked out of his apartment window one fine day. He saw a girl (Tori Cignarella) dancing on the rooftop of one of the nearby buildings. Jeremy Cohen waved her "Hi" and waved him back. Jeremy had been in quarantine for a week and he initially waved her as he was craving for social interaction alive during the quarantine. He then taped his phone number on his drone and flew the drone towards Tori. However, Jeremy felt desperate when Tori did not text Jeremy right away. Her phone battery had died. She texted Jeremy an hour later, "Hiiii it's the girl from the roof!"

How was their long-distance dinner date?

Jeremy Cohen Girlfriend

Source: Instagram@toricigs

Jeremy later asked Tori for a date via a text message, 

"Hi so I'm thinking tn we go on a date. Want to get dinner w me?"

Tori replied, "hi!!! yes - but where and how? we're quarantined lol"

Following the green signal from Tori, Jeremy then shaved, brushed, flossed, did some pushups and cut his own hair because barbershops were closed due to lockdown. He then set a date table on his balcony. Tori's friend had set a table on her rooftop without letting Tori know about it. Jeremy then texted Tori to wear something nice and come on to the rooftop. Before starting their long-distance dinner date, Jeremy complemented Tori's beauty, "You look beautiful". They face-timed and had their meal with a glass of wine. 

When did Jeremy finally meet Tori in person?

Jeremy then thought of taking their relationship on to the next level. He planned another romantic setup for Tori. He got a bubble and inflated it. He then got inside the bubble to respect social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. He also got a bouquet. He crossed the street and texted Tori to come outside.

Jeremy Cohen News

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Upon seeing Jeremy holding a bouquet inside a bubble, Tori laughed and got impressed with Jeremy's effort. They walked in the neighborhood for some time and police authorities came by. They recognized the couple as they had gone viral over the news and internet. They were there not to arrest them. Instead, they took pictures with the viral couple. 

Jeremy and Tori found each other due to the self-quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has been praying for this pandemic to get over soon. As the world is suffering, this couple gave many the reason to smile and the sight of a hope to remain positive and show your love to ones you love. Their viral video has already garnered over 30 million views. 

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

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  • April 6, 2020