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Man dies after being  punched by Mexican soap star Pablo Lyle in the traffic incident

Mexican Soap Star Pablo Lyle

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According to Jackson Memorial Hospital officials, the 63-year old man Ricardo Hernandez who was brought to the hospital has died. He was punched by Mexican actor Pablo Lyle over a traffic incident on the weekend. The Miami police arrested the 32-year-old Mexican actor on Sunday. The Miami Herald reported that the old man sustained a brain injury after getting punched that caused an internal hemorrhage. According to the police report, the La Sombra del Pasado star was taking his family to the airport. When the vehicle he was in cut Hernandez off in traffic, the old man got out of his vehicle and came towards the vehicle the actor was in. The old man furiously banged on the window. Lyle then got out of the car and threw a punch towards the man. The old man fell on to the road unconscious. Lyle then returned to his vehicle and fled the scene. The Cuban old man was taken to the Jackson Memorial Hospital where he was placed in the Intensive care. Who is Mexican Soap Star Pablo Lyle? Witnesses reported the incident and the license plate of the vehicle that fled the scene to the authorities. The authorities arrested the Mexican actor in the Miami International Airport. Lyle claimed that he hit the old man because he was concerned for the safety of his family as the old man was going to attack first. He was released on $5,000 bond. Pablo Lyle is a Mexican actor known for his work in telenovela La Sombra Del Pasado, Corazon Que Miente, and Mi Adorable Maldicion. He is a married man with 2 children.

Man dies after being punched by Mexican soap star Pablo Lyle in traffic incident

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  • April 5, 2019