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Marshae Jones: A Pregnant Woman shot in Alabama, Death of an Unborn child

Human rights, certainly not, the women rights more precisely, the rights of pregnant women, has now reached the forefront of a nationwide debate since the past few days.

The topic became the headline of the news after a 5 months pregnant woman from Alabama got shot in the stomach, thus killing her unborn baby.

The victimized woman, Marshae Jones was reportedly shot by another woman, back on December 4, 2008, outside a shop Dollar General in Pleasant Grove, near Birmingham.

However, Jones, the victim is now arrested in a $50,000 bond and is charged with manslaughter last Wednesday, for initiating the dispute while the shooter lady Ebony Jeminson is free.

Its been a total eight weeks after the grand jury indicted a woman for manslaughter, however, Jones was accused of provoking, a state district attorney’s office as said on Friday so it's still in considering whether to prosecute the case or not.

Marshae Jones: A Victim or A Criminal? 

An Alabama lady of 27, Marshae Jones had to go through the death of her unborn baby in its fetus. Jones, a mother couldn't get the chance to take her baby in her hands, not just for a single time.

Jones here if it is said as criminal then it's insane.

But still, Jones is behind the jail as such a criminal who has done nothing. She got shot at a convenience store, she was rushed into surgery at a nearby hospital and had her unborn baby killed in her own stomach,  and this is the real fact.

But people have their own perceptions: 

Lt. Danny Reid:

  •  "It was the mother of the child who initiated and continued the fight which resulted in the death of her own unborn baby."

The Grand Jury also indicted Jones:

  • "The death was intentionally caused, Jones was the one who initiated the fight knowing that she was five months pregnant."

Women's advocacy groups and abortion rights activists seized on the Alabama case as an example of punishing women for the outcome of a pregnancy.

Amanda Reyes, the executive director of the Yellowhammer Fund(an advocacy group) says in support of Jones:

  • "Tomorrow, it will be another black woman as the criminal, maybe for having a drink while pregnant. And after that, for not obtaining adequate parental care." 

 Reyes supported the truth that Jones wasn't criminal, she was a victim.

Real Criminal: Cause of Firing and Death?

The cause of the incident was the argument, a fight between two women, Jones and Jeminson near the store, Dollar General which turned out to be a violent fight.

It is said that Marshae Jones started the argument with Ebony Jeminson. But Jeminson took the argument to a next level by shooting the gun to the five months pregnant Jones, which was really impractical.

Jeminson could have done it thoroughly by ending it as a simple argument but she used the gun. The fight was reportedly over the fetus's father, where Jones and her unborn baby Jones got victimized.

The police attempted to charge Jemison, the shooter but the grand jury didn't want indite.

The case actually gained national attention after the indictment and arrest of Jones on Wednesday, as well as the grand jury's decision not to charge the shooter, 

Ebony Jemison, 23, the shooter who the police said acted in self-defense, has no charges against her.

“Marshae Jones: A Pregnant Woman shot in Alabama, Death of a Unborn child”

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