Who is Larry Edgeworth? NBC News Technician dies of coronavirus

Larry Edgeworth, a longtime NBC News employee died after contracting Coronavirus i.e. Covid-19. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack announced Edgeworth’s death. He issued a statement confirming  Edgeworth’s death. 

He stated, 

“I’m deeply saddened to tell you that we’ve lost a longtime member of your NBC News family – Larry Edworth passed away yesterday. 

On Wednesday we told you Larry had tested positive for Covid-19, though for privacy reasons we did not share his name at that time. According to his wife, Larry suffered from other health issues that led him to succumb to the illness. As we have heard from medical professionals, those with underlying health concerns are sadly the most vulnerable. 

Larry most recently worked in the equipment room on the fifth floor, but prior to that, he spent most of his 25 years at NBC News as a skilled audio technician, often traveling to the most remote locations. Many of you were fortunate enough to work with Larry over the years, so you know that he was the guy you wanted by your side no matter where you were. Stacy Brady says he was known as the “Gentle giant who would give you the shirt off his back”.

Larry is survived his wife Crystal, and two sons. We are doing everything we can to support his family during this very difficult time. 

These past few days have been unimaginably challenging for us all. And we knew there will be more challenges and uncertainty ahead. I want to remind you that it’s more important now than ever that you take care of yourself. Please use the resources available to you, including ComPsych Employee Assistance Program (Company ID: CC313) and counseling from Crossover Health. 

If you need help or guidance please don’t keep it to yourself – reach out to your manager, HR partner, or the leadership team, including me. We’re a family and we will continue to support each other no matter what. 



Larry Edgeworth Death

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Who is Larry Edgeworth?

Larry Edgeworth worked for NBC News for over 25 years. He spent most of his career working as a skilled audio technician. He later worked in the equipment rooms for the network in his later career. He became one of the victims of the global outbreak of coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. He had other health issues that failed Edgeworth to fight Covid-19. His identity was kept secret for privacy reasons at first. Following his death, the network confirmed Edgeworth’s death. 

Edgeworth was a married man. He was married to  Crystal Edgeworth. The couple shared 2 sons together. 

The global coronavirus outbreak has affected the whole world as the death toll surpassed 11,000 all across the globe. Over 272,000 people have contracted the virus. The pandemic Coronavirus started from China that killed 3,242 people in China. Italy came in front of the most affected country by the coronavirus outbreak. Italy’s death toll has already surpassed China. Italy suffered 627 deaths in a single day with death tolls surpassing 3400. 

The United States has already suffered over 250 deaths from Coronavirus.

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