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FaZe Jarvis, a 17 years old teenager, is a popular Fortnite YouTuber who is permanently banned for life from playing the Fortnite as announced on November 4, 2019. Jarvis recently uploaded his latest but unusual video where he is seen apologizing for his mistake of using aimbot(a cheating mechanism) in one of his games which were against the rules of Fortnite. 

Jarvis is one of the largest Fortnite creators in the community, with 3 million fans between YouTube and other social media platforms. But now because of his stupid mistake of using an unallowed trick, aimbot in his game uploaded in his youtube channel, he won't be able to live his dream to become a great gamer in Fortnite.

Who is Popular Fortnite YouTuber FaZe Jarvis?

Why YouTuber Faze Jarvis Banned from Fortnite?

YouTuber Faze Jarvis Banned from Fortnite


Born on November 11, 2001, British teen FaZe Jarvis moved on the path of playing games following his older brother, Faze Kay from an early age. Faze kay is also a professional gamer, YouTuber, and director of the popular "Call Of Duty" gaming group.

Jarvis is a member of the eSports team, "FaZe Clan" which was founded in 2010 by his brother and other members. Jarvis has his YouTube channel named "Jarvis" where he used to upload and live stream several Fornite games. He has over 3 million subscribers on his channel. Jarvis had a great career ahead in Fortnite but unfortunately, he won't be able to continue it as he has been permanently banned by the makers of Fortnight, EpicGames.

On November 4, 2019, Jarvis uploaded an unusual video where he was found in tears expressing his feelings for being wrong and guilty. In the apology video, he appeared devastated claiming of being permanently banned from Fortnite for life. EpicGames, the company behind Fortnite, banned Jarvis for his cheating of using aimbot(a cheating mechanism) while playing one of the games which was against the rules of games. 

Epic gave Jarvis a hardware and Internet provider ban such that he is effectively locked out of the game and won't be able to play the game ever in his life. Jarvis is banned claiming Fortnite Cheater. Jarvis pleaded guilty for his stupid act of using aimbot without knowing about the coming consequences of it. He has said that he was using it just for entertainment and is sad for doing so. 

Popular Fortnite YouTuber FaZe Jarvis: Why YouTuber Faze Jarvis Banned from Fortnite?

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  • November 5, 2019