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Who is Katerina Deason, Fiance of 'Fast N' Loud' Star Richard Rawlings?

Katerina Deason is the former wife of Texas billionaire, Darwin Deason, who is now engaged to Gas Monkey owner, Richard Rawlings. Following Katerina's split with Darwin and Richard's split with Suzanne, the two started dating each other. Their relationship has already advanced to the next level as they are engaged. The couple announced their engagement in August 2019. Rawlings is an American entrepreneur and television personality and Katerina his soon to be Rawlings's wife.

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Who is Katerina Deason's Fiance, Richard Rawlings?

Richard Rawlings New Girlfriend Katerina Deason after divorce from wife Suzanne Rawlings: 5 Facts To Be Known

1. Married to Texas Billionaire

Richard Rawlings's fiancee Katerina was previously married to Texas billionaire, Darwin Deason. Deason became a billionaire after selling his company to Xerox for $6.4 billion in 2010. Katerina and Darwin tied a knot to each other in 2008 before Darwin sold his company to Xerox.

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2. Katerina was Darwin's 5th wife.

Katerina was not the billionaire Darwin's first wife. She was neither Darwin's first, nor second, nor third, nor fourth, but his fifth wife. Darwin had already been married four times in the past. He had married and divorced from four other women before marrying Katerina. However, information about Darwin's ex-wifes is not available. Katerina is around 27-28 years younger than Darwin. Darwin's marriage with Katerina also did not work out as they are now separated. Katerina has already found her new beau, Richard Rawlings. 

3. Katerina will be Rawlings's 3rd wife.

As Katerina was the fifth wife of billionaire Darwin, she won't be Rawlings's first wife either. Katerina will be Rawlings's third wife and it will be Rawlings's fourth marriage to date. Rawlings was previously married to Karen K. Grames and Suzanne Marie Mergele. He married Karen in 1993. The following year, they got divorced. 

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Rawlings then married Suzanne in 1992. They got divorced in 2009. They reconciled leading towards remarriage in 2015. However, their second marriage did not work at all. They got divorced for good in 2019. Rawlings has found his new beau and is already engaged to her, Katerina.

4. Katerina is still legally married to Deason. 

Katerina Married billionaire Darwin in 2008. They remained married to each other for over 10 years. Though they are already separated and Katerina has a new beau, whom she is already engaged to, she is still legally married to Darwin. They are only separated not divorced officially. Their divorce finalization might be in process. Katerina soon wants to get it done over with and marry Rawlings soon. 

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5. Katerina lived a luxurious life

While married to Darwin, the couple lived a very luxurious life. Where to spend billions Darwin earned by selling his company to Xerox. They owned deluxe mansions, supercars, and a lavish lifestyle. It is reported that the couple lived on their multi-million dollars worth luxurious mega yacht named Apogee. They lived in their yacht three to six months a year. Darwin spent millions of dollars a year for his luxury yacht which has a lounge, bar, jukebox, karaoke machine, disco dance floor, disco balls, Jacuzzi, etc.  

Richard Rawlings New Girlfriend Katerina Deason after divorce from wife Suzanne Rawlings

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