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Are Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Together?

Rihanna had spotted having dinner with Her longtime friend, rapper A$AP Rocky at the Beatrice Inn in New York. The source said she conformed to her relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky and the duo are dating. Rihanna and Rocky were seen together in the Fenty 'Skin Campaign' in July 2020 and did several interviews together.

 on December 24, Rocky and Rihanna were spotted wearing a face mask way to the Catamaran sunset cruise while going to Barbados to joined Rihanna's Christmas party with her family. Rihanna seems very happy with her new boyfriend as there has always been an attraction between them, their relationship could blossom during this pandemic time as they spend much time together.       

After splitting with her last boyfriend Saudi Businessman(Billionaire) Hassan, she's hanging with the rapper Rocky in many places. She broke up with Hassan due to a different lifestyle and imperfect match it was hard to maintain.

The couple always has seemed a great time together, they have many things in common. Both of them very much committed to helping in their community they grow as Rocky donated 120 meals for thanksgiving to the homeless shelter where he stayed, whereas Rihanna has been supporting her home country Barbados.

Rihanna is Dating A$AP Rocky

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Relationship Timeline

1. Rihanna and her boyfriend split

In January 2020 Rihanna ended her relationship with her longtime boyfriend  Hassan Jameel, an Heir of The Toyota company and billionaire from Saudi Arabia after three years. People said, their relationship ended because they weren't a perfect match. They have a different lifestyle and hard to maintain a relationship.

2. Rihanna started hanging out with Rocky

In January,  after she broke up two of them were seen on a New York trip source told two of them shared a hotel suite on that trip. An insider said it was really casual between them, they were enjoying each other's company and taking things easy. 

3. Rihanna and Rocky Featured in Fenty Skin campaign

In July Rihanna and Rocky appeared together in the Fenty Skin campaign. In the campaign, both were featuring answer questioning about their skin. When Rocky asked Rihanna about the skin type she jokingly answered "My skin type is just as complicated as men are" whereas Rihanna asked about the skin type he answered " Handsome". Duo did several interviews together at the Fenty Skin campaign. 

4. Rihanna and Rocky collaborate to promote Fenty Skin

In August 2020, Rihanna and Rocky Shot a video together to promote Fenty Skin. In the video, Rihanna recruited Rocky to share his skin routine and skincare. In the video, he said, " Men love their skin, and they care of it, but they feel obligated almost to only use products that are for men because anything beyond that feel too feminine, it's not for them, they're not allowed, don't have permission,".

5. Spotted in New York City

In December,  Rihanna and Rocky were spotted in New York City at Beatrice Inn and a source said Rihanna and Rocky took their relationship to next level and conformed to their relationship. 

6. Rihanna and Rocky spotted at Cruise in Barbados

On 24th December Rihanna and Rocky took a romantic Catamaran Sunset Cruise. They were spotted wearing a face mask at Catamaran sunset cruise way to Barbados to joined Rihanna's Christmas party with her family. 

7. Rihanna and Rocky had always a good relationship

Rihanna and Rocky have always had a flirty relationship as Rocky grabbed her butt on the stage in 2012 at the MTV VMAs show, They were close friends since then. Rocky was appeared in Rihanna's Diamonds  World Tour in 2013 and featured on the 'Cookiness' remix. Rihanna was appeared in Rocky's music video 'Fashion Killa'. Then  Duo attended the Louis Vuitton men's fashion show which was held in Paris in 2018. The pair's years of hanging out and long term friendship has turned into a sweet official relationship and both of them looked very happy. 

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Everything about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Dating and Relationship

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