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Sarah Raheem, the name that we have been hearing recently especially in the world of sports, is actually the love of popular New Zealand cricketer, Kane Williamson. Williamson being the popular name in the cricket world is the captain of the New Zealand cricket team who has been leading his country towards victory with his ard works and strategy for several years. 

Sarah Raheem Kane Williamson Wife

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Kane even missed the second Test against West Indies in early December 2020, to be with his pregnant partner, Sarah, welcoming their first-ever baby girl in the house. The happy news was shared by Kane himself when he posted an adorable photo of his newborn baby on Instagram: @kane_s_w on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, revealing the birth of his first child.

Sarah being the mother of Kane's child has been a hot topic on social media sites these days. Let's see more about her. 

Sarah Raheem is British.

Sarah Raheem despite living currently in New Zealand was actually born in England. Her hometown in Bristol, England where she grew up with her parents. 

She is a nurse. 

She is a well-educated woman who currently works as a nurse and has been serving needy people around the country. 

Sarah Raheem Biography

She is a graduate of the University of Bristol. 

Raheem who scored good grades during her school time chose to study medicine to become a nurse. She joined the University of Bristol from where she graduated to become a nurse. 

She first met Kane Williamson in a hospital. 

Like we say the love is made up by heaven, same thing happened between Sarah and Kane as they were destined to be together no matter what their profession was. Sarah being a nurse has to spend most of her time in the hospital while Kane in the cricket field. But their first meet was at the same hospital where Sarah was working when Kane came for his treatment. 

She is dating Kane for over 5 years. 

Since the first day they met each other, they fell in love without even realizing what it was. They soon after exchanged their numbers and began dating. More precisely, they have been together for almost 5 years now since the year 2015. 

She keeps her private life a secret. 

Even though she became the center of attention when she started dating Kane Williamson, Sarah has always watched her ack when it comes to her personal life.  She has maintained her privacy since then for over 5 years now. Even her Instagram handle is private and has around 213 followers. 

All her photographs on the internet with Kane aren't uploaded by either of them.

Even after it was almost sure that the couple was dating, Kane never accepted and confirmed his relationship with Sarah keeping it a private topic for several years. All the photographs of the couple available on social media sites are all captured by paparazzi as they never post any pictures of them together on any Social media platform.

Sarah and Kane's first appearance was on a beach.

The couple's first-ever appearance was in Tauranga beach in New Zealand. They were been captured together several times while they were on vacations and on the countryside. 

She is supportive of Kane's career. 

Despite being the sole partner of Kane, the New Zealand skipper and the captain of the national cricket team, Sarah has never stepped back when it comes to supporting him. She has been seen alongside Kane on various events over the years. One of which was her appearance alongside Kane on award night in 2016 in Auckland where Kane was awarded the Best Sportsmen of the year. 

She is the mother of Kane's first child. 

After spending almost 5 years together, they finally got the blessing to become a parent of their first-ever child in 2020. Sarah became pregnant during the COVID-19 period, despite the fact that it was also a secret topic as he never posted any news on his social media sites.

Kane even missed the second Test against West Indies leaving New Zealand on paternity leave to be with his pregnant partner, Sarah welcoming their first-ever baby girl in the house on December 16, 2020. Kane himself announced the big news with a photograph of his newborn daughter on his Instagram handle; "Overjoyed to welcome a beautiful baby girl into our family". The family of two now has been joined by a new small family member.

Everything you need to know about Kane Williamson, wife Sarah Raheem and Family

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