Jim Jones Biography

Today, we will try to present you a very interesting topic and an area that is very interesting which will give you some new information. We will also present a very well-known person in western history.Today, we will talk about Jim Jones, a man who has left a great mark in America religion but also [...]


Phil Hartman Biography

Phill Hartman was a man of diverse talents like actor, comedian, voice artist, screenwriter, and expert graphic artist. He started out as a graphic artist, later found his way into comedy before ultimately delving into acting. He gained much prominence in the 1980s for his brilliant work on Saturday Night Live which earned him a [...]


Samantha Barbash Biography

Samantha Barbash is an ex-stripper who was the brains behind a plot that involved slipping MDMA and ketamine into the drinks of Wall Street bankers before stripping them off their money. She is allegedly the stripper portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming movie ‘Hustlers’, which is based on a group of exotic dancers who [...]


John Mellencamp Biography

John Mellencamp is a rock musician who specializes in the genre of heartland rock characterized by traditional instrumentation. A highly successful artist, he has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and has seven No.1 hits on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, the maximum for a solo artist. He had always been musically inclined and formed [...]


Hans Christian Gram Biography

A Danish bacteriologist noted for his development of the Gram stain, still a standard technique to classify bacteria and make them more visible under a microscope is named for Hans Christian Gram. Overall, he is a very talented person. Google doodle celebrates Hans Christian Joachim GramGoogle is celebrating the 166th birth anniversary of microbiologist Hans Christian [...]

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Ruth Pfau Biography

Ruth Pfau was a German-Pakistani Catholic nun of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, and a physician. She moved from Germany to Pakistan in 1961 and devoted more than 55 years of her life to fighting leprosy in Pakistan. Pakistan honored her with a range of awards including the Hilal-i-Pakistan, Hilal-i-Imtiaz, [...]


Renee Zellweger Biography

The director of the movie titled Jerry Maguire which was first aired in 1996 sprung a pleasant surprise on the public when he chose the cast a relatively unknown actress Renee Zellweger in the role of Dorothy Boyd, the single mother who played alongside Tome Cruise in the movie.The movie's commercial and critical success made [...]