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Who is Michael Lofthouse?

The British-born tech CEO as well as the CEO of Solid8 is known for Michael Lofthouse. He is the founder of Solid8 which is a tech consulting company that is situated in the Bay Area. The organization is depicted as serving to: "painstaking customers through the investigation and choice cycle with point by point business esteem evaluations, exact merchant suggestions and exact obtainment of the correct fit stages that convey significant proficiency and monetary enhancements." The organization was established in the year 2017. The company's LinkedIn page says there are between 2 and 10 employees. He settled from the UK to the USA in the year 2010. As of now, he is residing in San Francisco. He graduated from Newcastle Business School in the year 2005 and enrolled in Northumbria University to study Business studies. After that, he began working with tech companies such as IBM. After moving to the USA, he began working for software companies like Appdynamics, Inkling, BMC Software as a salesman. "He has extensive experience in the US and UK Cloud Technology markets," LinkedIn said on the introduction page. In July 2016, he was found guilty of Vandalism and he was sentenced to two days in prison, three years of probation, and 80 hours of community service. Later, the charges were was dismissed. He was caught on camera making racist comments to an Asian family at the Bernardus Lodge hotel in Carmel Valley, California. The video, which went viral on July 7 after retiring by The Voice judge Kelly Clarkson, caused public outrage. HisTwitter page has been suspended due to a violation of Twitter's rules. He was named by CBS News' Ramy Inocencio as the man in the video. 

Michael Lofthouse Viral Video

The viral video of Michael Lofthouse posted on social media shows that he cursed the family and asked them to leave. The hotel said that the Lofthouse hotel was not a resident and had dinner there.

Jordan Chan, who made the video, said that all this happened while his family celebrated his aunt's birthday on July 4th.

Jordanlizchan an Instagram client was the first to share the original video where she said that she was with her family commending her auntie's birthday when the squabble happened. The clasp starts with Chan asking Lofthouse to rehash what he had quite recently said. At the hour of the chronicle, Michael Lofthouse was sitting alone at a table. He reacts by gazing at the camera and flipping off Chan and her family. He is then heard saying: "Trump's going to f***you. You f***** need to leave! You f****** Asian bit of s**!" 

A waiter at the cafe can be seen and heard in the video requesting that Lofthouse leave the foundation while revealing to him that Chan and her family were "esteemed visitors." Lofthouse reacts to the server by disclosing to her that he has just paid. 

Chan wrote in the inscription of the video that her family was "tenaciously bothered" by Lofthouse during their birthday festivity. Chan composed that Lofthouse utilized the expressions, "F***you Asians," "Return to whatever f****** Asian nation no doubt about it" "You don't have a place here." 

Chan also shared a screen capture of a book discussion between a man named Ahmed Omer who said that the content he had was with Michael. Omer expressed, "You are a waste person and you merit each terrible thing that transpires." 

The man utilizing the moniker Michael Lofthouse reacted, saying, "Incredible nourishment for u - Leave our planet. You Asian f*****. Draw close to me or my kin u r f****** dead. Try not to begin. U f****** bit of shot."

"We are currently receiving huge amounts of emails, calls, and messages from people accusing us of having a CEO that is racist. This is a case of mistaken identity and we are in no way associated with the business in question," Emma Jones, managing director and owner of Solid8 Consulting said.

Michael Lofthouse Apologizes After Viral Video

Michael Lofthouse, the CEO of a San Francisco-based tech company, Solid8, apologized on Tuesday after he was caught on camera making racist comments to an Asian family at a California restaurant, saying he "lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments." Michael Lofthouse also issued a statement, writing, "My behavior in the video is appalling. This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments. I would like to deeply apologize to the Chan family. I can only imagine the stress and pain they feel. I was taught to respect people of all races, and I will take the time to reflect on my actions and work to better understand the inequality that so many of those around me face every day."