Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis in a Relationship with Hunter Price: May Get Married.

Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis in a Relationship with Hunter Price: Private on Social Media

Kathryn Dennis and Hunter Price


Who is Kathryn Dennis?

The Bravo series, "Southern Charm" personality, Kathryn Dennis has been one of the famous faces in Hollywood since 2014 when she first joined the show and the day after then has been one of those counted days that changed Dennis's life like nothing.

The show Southern Charm came up as both boon and curse in her life as this was the same show where Kathyrn met with Thomas Ravenel, co-star of the same show and had the most precious gifts of her life i.e. children.

While this was the same show which brought a number of controversies and problems in her life when Kathyrn and Thomas got separated and had the chaos of separating children.

However, the exes reunited once for their daughter’s preschool graduation and that also couldn't help them.

The beautiful feminist actor and model, Dennis has remained in the headline of news as a matter of her relationship for a long time. Dennis is also a drug addict and has been under police custody as well.

She was even sentenced to 'Berkeley jail' for being charged with underage drinking and disorderly conduct.

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Who is Hunter Price?

Is Hunter Price, Kathyrn's current Boyfriend?

Kathryn Dennis has moved on from baby daddy Thomas Ravenel and she is now dating boyfriend Hunter Price. Hunter Prince is a former "America's Got Talent" singer and she talked about her dating on season 6 of "Southern Charm" and "Watch What Happens Life".

The love couple met on New Year's Eve and have been dating since January 2019.

Furthermore, Kathrynn's ex-partner Thomas and Hunter know each other before, which she got to know after they encountered each other at her daughter's birthday party.

Kathryn said about their relationship:

  •    “It’s good. Everything is great between us but there are no bells ringing anytime soon for me.” 

She said that after meeting Hunter Price, she felt like he is the one with whom she could marry:

  • “I never believed in love at first sight, but if I could imagine what it feels like, this would be it. I went to Nashville, with some friends and we had dinner and they invited this guy(Hunter), and they said he was single, good looking and a hard worker, all the things I have been looking for and never found. "
  • "We just hit it off. And he’s kind of weird like me. I have a very peculiar sense of humor and he has the exact same one. For the first time in my life, it feels supernatural. And I feel really, really safe with him, being vulnerable. I could go on and on, but he’s great.”

According to Kathryn, their relationship has come up with a lot of positive vibes that she is just ready to get married, I hope it would be true soon and we could hear Kathryn as "Mrs. Kathryn".

Who is Joe Abruzzo: Kathyrn's Boyfriend?

Kathyrn had been in a short relationship with Joe Abruzzo. Joe Abruzzo is a former Democratic member of the Florida Senate and a sincere politician of the country.

Joe Abruzzo has been made a topic for controversies for being with Kathyrn and false comparing it with his retirement from public office for several times. Abruzzo even said that the cast and production of the show are just misrepresenting all things to add more drama to the show. 

He once spoke about his relationship with Dennis saying that:

   "I only wish the best for Kathryn and her future, and respectfully ask the cast to refrain from carrying out the will of producers and focus on stories of their own lives".  

While, Dennis said that she was with Joe because of his bond with his 4-year-old son, which she claimed from the internet. However, their relation couldn't help it.