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Steve DeAngelo Biography

Facts About Steven DeAngelo

Celebrated NameSteven DeAngelo
Nick NameSteve
Birth Name
Profession Entrepreneur
Place Of BirthPhiladelphia
Height6 ft 2 inch
SiblingsAndrew DeAngelo
WifeYolanda Felix
Source of WealthActivist/Entrepreneur
Net WorthAround $5 million
LinksFacebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin

Have you heard of Steve DeAngelo or the phrase “father of the legal cannabis industry?” Both of these terms describe the same man. DeAngelo is one of the most dominant businessmen in the marijuana world.

Let’s take a closer look at what inspired this famous cannabis activist to dive into weed. 

Who Is Steve DeAngelo?

DeAngelo has gained many titles in his 64 years of life. He’s an author, activist, entrepreneur, creative visionary, on-screen personality, and significant contributor to the legalization and development of the cannabis industry.

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Early Life

The celeb’s childhood activities aren’t well known to the public, but fate set up DeAngelo to become an activist from a young age.

The entrepreneur states he used to miss school and participate in anti-war demonstrations. Further on in his education, Steve skipped classes to join various Youth International Party (YIP) protests.

In the 1970s, the activist became the primary coordinator for the Fourth of July Smoke-In in Washington, D.C. He arranged and led this event for over a decade.

During the Reagan-Bush era, DeAngelo offered activists, mainly from the cannabis industry, a place of refuge. The heroic D.C. counter-cultural gathering spot became very popular among champions for peace and marijuana.


DeAngelo is a brilliant businessman that knows his way around his industry, starting and running companies and ensuring his ventures succeed. There’s not much information on how, where, and when Steve attended school in his early life.

He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland. This distinction is one of the highest academic achievements an educational institution offers.

Professional Career

DeAngelo enjoys a very successful career, and things for the entrepreneur aren’t slowing down. In 2015, due to all the businessmen achieved, the Hon. Willie L. Brown called Steve the “Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry.”

The activist pioneered and co-created many exemplary marijuana businesses as well as a variety of organizations. DeAngelo has dedicated more than 40 years to the front line of the cannabis movement and has done it well. For a moment he also supports this online store.

All his efforts and knowledge in the marijuana field are the reason so many legal policies exist. Let’s take a look at some of the businesses, organizations, and creative projects headed by DeAngelo:

  • During the 1990s, the celeb developed hemp products through his company Ecolution Inc. He sold the goods in various countries and over 50 states in America.
  • DeAngelo co-founded the Harborside Health Centre in 2006, a non-profit facility registering approximately 300,000 medical marijuana patients on its dispensary list. Ten years later, he relaunched the organization as Harborside Inc.
  • The entrepreneur became an author in 2015. He wrote the book The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness.
  • Cannabis labs aren’t yet widespread, but Steve was involved in developing Steep Hill Inc. This facility was the first of its kind in America.
  • DeAngelo achieved another first in the United States by co-founding the Arcview Group, an investment firm for the cannabis industry.
  • The activist began The Last Prisoner Project under the presumption that no one should remain behind bars on marijuana charges.
  • He stars in Weed Wars, a Discovery documentary exploring the world of medical cannabis.
  • DeAngelo briefly took part in a weekly YouTube show called Ask Steve DeAngelo, in which subscribers could ask him cannabis-related questions.
  • The celeb helped Jack Herer edit the manuscript and publish the famous book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. 

Steve brings his many titles and skills back into the cannabis industry. All these achievements and entrepreneurial talents are why DeAngelo is so well-known in the ever-growing marijuana world.

Steve DeAngelo’s Net Worth

As in Steve DeAngelo’s bio, this pioneering cannabis activist has his fingers in many pies. Compared to weed sponsors and CBD associates Chelcie Lynn, the star makes a substantial income. While he may be getting older, the extent of his business empire continues to grow.

Social Media

DeAngelo isn’t shy to be open and honest about what he’s accomplished as an activist. Not too much information about his personal life is on social media.
Steve engages and connects with his fans via the following platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

As well as having social media accounts, parts of the star’s life are also on his Wikipedia page.

Trivias About Steven DeAngelo You Need To Know.

  • DeAngelo usually wears his hair in braids, accompanied by a porkpie hat.
  • The activist’s brother, Andrew DeAngelo, is also very involved in the cannabis industry. The duo works together in many businesses.
  • Steve uses cannabis daily, although he now prefers edibles to smoking a joint.
  • DeAngelo was born at precisely 4:20 on the 12th of June 1958, twenty years before enthusiasts created the 420 cannabis code.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steven DeAngelo.

Where was Steven DeAngelo born?

Steven DeAngelo was born in Philadelphia.

What is the net worth of Steven DeAngelo?

The net worth of Steven DeAngelo is Around $5 million.

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Steve DeAngelo Biography title=
Celebrated Name Steven DeAngelo
Nick Name Steve
Birth Name
Gender Male
Profession Entrepreneur
Place Of Birth Philadelphia
Nationality American
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Celebrated Name Steven DeAngelo
Nick Name Steve
Birth Name
Gender Male
Profession Entrepreneur
Place Of Birth Philadelphia
Nationality American
Horoscope Gemini
Height 6 ft 2 inch
Siblings Andrew DeAngelo
Wife Yolanda Felix
Source of Wealth Activist/Entrepreneur
Net Worth Around $5 million