These Are the Men Who Were in Meghan Markle’s Radar Before Prince Harry

These Are the Men Who Were in Meghan Markle’s Radar Before Prince Harry

Meghan Markle, the now Duchess of Sussex, has again found her name in the titles of hot news circulating around the internet. 

It appears that her marriage with Prince Harry, who is perhaps one of the most globally recognized Royals and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, came after a series of failed attempts to lure several prominent British celebrities and businessmen. 

Former actress Meghan Markle poses with a soldier.

Source: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Recent disclosure from the Princess’s former pal and TV personality, Lizzie Cundy, reveals how Markle wanted to find a new man. The two ladies were sat together in a charity event for Caudwell Children in 2013. At that time Meghan had just come off divorce with film producer Trevor Engelson, her husband for two years and partner since 2004. Meanwhile, Cundy had no idea who she was.

Lizzie recalled the event and made mention that they “hit off immediately”. Cundy describes Markle to be “great fun and a girl’s girl”. Their conversation eventually led to Meghan’s confession about finding her next husband. The categories were quite simple, English and celebrity.

It would be quite unfair to be blaming people for being care-free before stepping into positions or status of responsibility. Besides, even laws do not have a retroactive effect. However, the topic still presents a lot of excitement and interest. Several “What ifs” would definitely sprout after looking through the list of Meghan’s targeted British celebs (Pre-Harry).

Ashley Cole

Based on Lizzie Cundy’s revelations, she floated Ashley Cole’s name upon learning Markle’s quest for an English celebrity husband. Lizzie said that the duchess-to-be expressed interest upon seeing Cole’s picture on Cundy’s phone. They reportedly started flirting on Twitter.

Cole is a 38-year-old retired football star who was known to play for Chelsea. At that time, he was banking on a weekly salary of $130,000. The athlete responded to Meghan’s messages with a ton of his own. The acquaintance was, however, short-lived due to Markle learning about Cole’s issues of cheating with his former wife and pop-star Cheryl.

Footballer Ashley Cole

 Source: Ben Sutherland

Ashley Cole has a divorce with ex-wife Cheryl Tweedy on September 3, 2010. The former left-back of “The Invincibles” Arsenal team now has two children. His son was born in 2016, while his daughter in 2018, both with Italian model Sharon Canu.

James Richman

In a charity dinner in 2013, Markle reportedly met this Latvian-born billionaire investor who has massive investments both in the UK and around the world. During that time, he was already worth several billion. 

Richman is one of the few private investment fund managers who have not only successfully overcame the financial crisis in 2008, but apparently also made lots of profits. This made his name reach the higher circles of the financial industry. By the looks of it, it reached Meghan’s ears as well.

Investor James Richman

 Source: San Remo News

James can easily be attracted to the opposite gender through his physical attributes and credentials. It is rumored that the two had a conversation about an exchange of contact details. However, James Richman is much too secretive for us to have more specific details. The two’s dialogue must have centered around charity works and investments that bring positive social impacts and Richman is someone who is known as a regular investor in these types of investments.

Maybe James Richman’s secretive and reclusive demeanor may have been too much for Markle as the two have moved on and both are happily married. James is reported to have surpassed the 11-digit net-worth category already while Meghan is now the Duchess of Sussex. 

Matt Cardle

Another famous English celebrity who was reportedly linked with the future Duchess of Sussex was UK ‘X Factor’ winner Matt Cardle. The two were said to have exchanged messages online.

Matt and Meghan allegedly met in 2015 as the former performed in a London musical. However, this was also the time that Cardle met his girlfriend. The singer was battling drug and alcohol addiction and he credits his girlfriend for helping him overcome these habits.

Sources say that Matt did not reply to her last message. He could have felt a connection although the timing was wrong.

Max George

There were also reports of discreet messages exchanged between Meghan and singer and actor Max George, a member of the former boy band The Wanted.

 Actor and singer Max George

Source: Max George Twitter

The actor known as Clint in the hit series Glee denies these reports. Yet, a source has said that “Max was one of the biggest stars in music back then and had women reaching out to him all the time. He didn’t remember much about it until Meghan’s relationship with Harry”.

Oliver Cheshire

The British model is also said to have fended off Meghan. Reports said that there was obviously flirting on Markle’s end during their red carpet walk at the Global Gift Foundation Gala in London in November 2015. The founder and creative director of CHE Studios must not have been interested at that time.

Model Oliver Cheshire

Source: The Idle Man

Including Prince Harry, this list of Meghan Markle’s is a collection of UK’s top bachelors during the time. They were all rich and famous, although James Richman’s net-worth wins by a mile. Nobody could fault a young Meghan, recovering from a failed marriage and career with a deadline, from trying to acquaint herself with these famous and powerful men.