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Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin might be one of the prolific political leaders in the world but she occasionally becomes the subject of controversy that is unrelated to politics. Marin made headlines in December 2021 after she went clubbing after COVID-19 contact. She faced criticism for going on a night out hours after her foreign minister had tested positive. Despite being fully vaccinated, she ought to follow the COVID-19 regulations. She took to social media to apologize for her actions. She wrote on Facebook, "I should have used better consideration on Saturday night and rehearse the instruction I got another time. I'm really sorry that I didn't understand how to do this."

Everything To Know About Sanna Marin

She soon sought a COVID test and tested negative.

Here are 10 things you didn't know about Sanna Marin.

Sanna Marin Career

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Sanna Marin Is The Youngest Finnish Prime Minister

When sitting Prime Minister of Finland, Antti Rinne resigned in the wake of the 2019 postal strike, Sanna Marin was selected as the new Prime Minister of Finland on 8 December 2019. Taking the office at the age of 34, Marin became the youngest person in the history of Finland to become Prime Minister.

She was also the world's youngest state leader until 2021 when Giacomo Simoncini became the Captain Regent of San Marino in October 2021. She is also the third female head of government in Finland after Anneli Jaatteenmaki and Mari Kiviniemi.

She Previously Served As Minister Of Transport And Communications

Prior to being selected as the Prime Minister of Finland, she served as the minister of Transport and Communications. She held the ministry from 6 June to 10 December 2019. She was elected to the Finnish Parliament as an MP from the electoral district of Pirkanmaa in 2015. 

Sanna Marin young

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She Was Raised By Same-Sex Parents

Sanna Marin's family grew up in poverty and faced financial problems. Her father struggled with alcoholism. They separated when she was very young. After her parents separated, she was raised by her mother and her mother's girlfriend. She describes herself as coming from a "rainbow family". 

She Was The First Person In Her Family To Attend University

None of Sanna Marin's family had ever attended university. After graduating from the Pirkkala High School in 2004, she attended the University of Tampere. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Administrative Science from Tampere. She later obtained her master's degree in Administrative Science from Tampere. 

She Is One Of The World's Most Powerful Women

Sanna Marin is the second-youngest state leader in the world. She was listed on BBC's 100 Women in November 2020. She was the Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2020. Forbes ranked her at No. 85 on the list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women in December 2020. She also graced the cover of the prestigious Time magazine on its "Time100 Next" theme issue as one of 100 influential leaders across the world.

Sanna Marin Photoshoot

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Her October 2020 Magazine Photoshoot Sparked Sexism Debate

Sanna Marin posed for the Finnish magazine Trendi in its October issue in 2020. She was seen wearing a blazer with nothing underneath in the photo. With her position as a Prime Minister, head of the state, Marin garnered extreme criticism from the public. She was criticized for tastelessness and demeaning her office. It ultimately sparked sexism debate. 

Sanna Marin kids

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She Got Married In Her Office

Sanna Marin is a married woman. The Finnish Prime Minister is married to Markus Raikkonen. The couple got married in August 2020. They married at the prime minister's official residence, Kesaranta. Their daughter, Emma was born in January 2018.

They have a permanent residence in the Kaleva district of Tampere.

Sanna Marin kids

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She Was The First Vice President Of Social Democratic Youth

Sanna Marin joined the Social Democratic Youth in 2006. She became the first Vice President of South Democratic Youth in 2010. She served as its vice president from 2010 to 2012. She later became a member of the Social Democratic Party. She became a member of the Parliament of Finland in 2015. 

She Worked Several Jobs While A Student

As Sanna Marin's family faced financial problems while she was growing up, her upbringing was comparatively difficult. While a student, she worked several jobs to support herself. She worked in a bakery as well as held jobs as a cashier among others.

She Is A Vegetarian

Finland Prime minister Sanna Marin is a vegetarian. To live a healthy life, she follows a healthy vegan diet. 

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sanna Marin

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