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Vegas Rat Rods star, Steve Darnell is an automotive renovator and a reality television personality. Darnell's work of renovating cars is featured in the Discovery reality series, Vegas Rat Rods. The show chronicles Darnell and his crew, Welders Up. Known as a creative genius for his car modification or redesign skills, here are 10 things to know about Steve Darnell. 

Who Is Steve Darnell?

He Is A Montana Native

Steve Darnell is a Montana native. He was born in Billings, Montana in the United States. His verified date of birth is not available at present. Some media outlets have reported that he was born on 1 December 1970. 

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He Was On The School Wrestling Team

Growing up, Steve Darnell was an avid wrestling fan. He competed in wrestling in school and was a member of the school's wrestling team. However, he later decided to pursue an automobile renovation career after his high school wrestling coach encouraged him to take automotive trades.  

His Father Ran A Steel Company

Steve Darnell's father was an ironworker at Steel Engineers. He later started his steel company, "Economy Steel". Steve also worked at his father's company. 

He Is A Producer

Steve Darnell is a producer. He has a production credit on Five Finger Death Punch's 2014 music video for the song, "House of the Rising Sun". It is the remake of the original version of The Animals' song. 

His Father Taught Him To Drive Forklifts

Steve Darnell first learned to drive forklifts from his father. His engagement in automobiles from a young age led him to pursue an automotive career in the future.

He Drove His Car Into The House

While young, Steve Darnell once drove his 1970 Blazer into a house. His car's brake had failed and ran through the garage, which took most of its' foundation down but did not cause any harm to himself. 

He Has A Collection Of Vintage Cars

Steve Darnell not only modifies and sells vintage and luxurious cars, but he also keeps possession of some of them. Some of his vintage and luxurious car collection includes 1957 Chevy 210, 1968 Dodge Charger, and Ford Model A Sedan among others.

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He Is Close With His Children

Steve Darnell shares two sons with his ex-wife. His sons are already grown up as an adult. He has a close relationship with his sons and they consider him their source of inspiration. They are Chase Darnell and Kash Darnell. However, information about his ex-wife is not available. He is quite a private person regarding his personal life. 

He Runs Welder Up

Steve Darnell collects old cars, renovates them, and sells them. He started "Welder Up" to run his business. They originally worked on Heavy Machinery and Agricultural Equipments. His wrestling coach became his first client. His coach had asked him to build a bicycle rather than buy for his daughter's Christmas present. He later started customizing cars and moved his business to Las Vegas.

His work has been featured on the Discovery automobile reality series, Vegas Rat Rods. The first season of the show aired in 2014. The following season aired in 2015-16, 2017, and 2018 respectively.

He Charges Around $100k

Steve Darnell is one of the popular automotive designers. With the success he achieved, he charges between $80k and $90k for designing cars an average build. For more advanced outputs, he charges over $100k. He makes quite money from his business. His net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

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