Things You Didn’t Know About Megan Fox!

Megan Fox is one of the hottest Hollywood actresses of our time. We all know her from Transformers but she had been acting for several years before that too. She started with the sitcom Hope & Faith and made her movie debut in 2004 with Confessions of a Drama Queen.

However, it’s in 2007 that the world really stood up and noticed Megan Fox when she was cast opposite Shia LaBeouf in Transformers. 

The movie went on to become a smash hit and a huge money making franchise. There were Transformers toys, t-shirts and even casino games. In fact, online casino games have become so popular that there are even review sites like these where one can see their popularity ratings. Megan was so popular after the first Transformers that she was back in the sequel called Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that came out in 2009. Later that year, she also acted in a comic-horror movie called Jennifer’s Body. A few years later, she returned with a role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

But though we know Megan Fox to be this hot sexy symbol, there are many things we do not know about here. This is because Megan Fox is famously known to avoid the limelight unless she has a movie to promote. Here are a few things you probably did not know about her. 

Megan is religious

One would have never expected the Hollywood star to be a devout Christian but it seems that Megan regularly attends church. She has admitted that religion plays a very important part in her life and she likes to attend congregations that are young and non-judgmental.

Megan was an ugly duckling!

Megan claims that she was never a pretty girl when she was young. She has always described herself to be a loner and quite obnoxious. It seems she was always grounded for the things she did including driving a car without a license. 

Megan has a sweet tooth

Megan Fox

With the kind of figure Megan Fox has, you’d think that she follows a strict diet that counts every calorie. Turns out, she has a sweet tooth and loves to eat fudge and brownies. In fact, she likes to eat them unbaked!

Megan almost became anorexic

During the shooting of Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox decided to lose weight to git into the role of a flesh eating zombie. She ended up getting sick and even her hair started falling. This is when she decided to stop her crazy weight loss regime. 

Megan doesn’t have too many friends

Surprisingly for a star with so much attention, Megan claims that she has only one female friend. In fact, she also claims that she doesn’t have many guy friends either. Megan is supposedly a private person who really only likes to spend time with her husband and family. 

For someone like Megan Fox who’s been on pretty much every cover – from GQ to Maxim – it’s surprising to know that she’s really just a quiet girl who grew up in rural Tennessee. At the end of the day, all she really likes to do is look after her three kids and spend time with her husband Brian Austin Green.

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