Who is Tom Checketts? Tom Checketts Replaced Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo TV reality series that chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a mega-yacht during a charter season. The first season of the series premiered in May 2016. The series has completed its 4 charter season and its 5th season premiered in June 2020. The drama between the crew members makes the series interesting. The 5th season of the series has several dramas for Below Deck Mediterranean viewers. Peter Hunziker, the lead deckhand was fired on 17 June 2020 due to his racist on social media. The head chef Kiko Lorran was fired in August for not meeting the cooking standards. Chef Tom Checketts has been recruited as the head chef of the yacht. 

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Everything to know about Below Deck Mediterranean star, Malia White

Who is Tom Checketts, Malia White’s Boyfriend?

Tom Checketts had been making headlines as the boyfriend of another crew member Malia White. Malia White who made season 2 of Below Deck interesting after she had a love triangle with Adam Glick and Wes Walton. She parted with both of her lovers at some point and is now having a good relationship with Checketts. White had been dating Glick before the season 2 of the series, she had also been having a fling with Wes Walton. Their love triangle was also fun-to-watch on the series. White part ways with Glick to hook up with Walton. They eventually broke up at some point. She was only featured on season 2 of the series. She did not return to the 3rd and 4th season of the series. During the time, she met chef Checketts. It is reported that Below Deck co-star Christine “Bugsy” Drake introduced the two. They started dating somewhere in 2019. Both of them regularly feature each other on their social media accounts. Seems like the two are in head over heels with each other. 

Regarding his family background, Checketts comes from a family of chefs and he has worked with the popular chef, Gordon Ramsay. His mother cooked for the Queen mother, whereas his father was a chef lecturer. 

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Why Captain Sandy Yawn fired chef Hindrigo Lorran with Tom Checketts?

Tom Checketts is now not only Malia White’s boyfriend, he has a new job. He has been recruited as the new head chef of the Below Deck Mediterranean. The chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran who was the head chef of the yacht for the 5th series, was eventually fired during the 5th season of the series. Malia White’s boyfriend Tom Checketts replaced Kiko Lorran as the new head chef of the yacht. Yacht captain Sandy Yawn was desperate to recruit Checketts, which she ultimately succeeded. 

Captain Sandy Yawn was never impressed with Kiko’s cooking. He never met the organizational standards expected by Yawn. Things totally went south when Kiko delivered poor cooking at the Las Vegas-themed dinner. Captain Yawn stated that the Las Vegas dinner was “horrible”. She also said, “I never served that S–t on any boat that I worked for. Kiko was dropped and Tom Checketts was recruited as the new chef.

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