Tom Hopper Wife – Who is Laura Hopper?

Laura Hooper is currently in the news after she appeared as Cassie in the movie “Love in the Villa“. Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, Love in the Villa combines both into another ephemeral confection off the streaming assembly line – inoffensive and baseline pleasurable yet immediately forgettable. 

Who is Tom Hopper’s Wife, Laura Hopper?

Tom Hooper’s wife, Laura Hooper is a British actress by profession who has starred in a number of films and shows over the years, including Doctors and Hollyoaks. She made her TV debut in the year 2013 with the TV series “Out Girl”. She co-produced the 2003 romantic comedy ‘View from the Top’ and was the executive producer of the 2009 romantic comedy ‘Love Hurts.’ She also made a brief appearance on Tom’s show Black Sails in 2015 and appeared alongside him again in the Netflix rom-com “Love in the Villa”. 

Moreover, she is also a model, TV personality, social media influencer, content writer, and entrepreneur. She is also an executive producer for Pine Tree Productions, which she co-owns with her husband, per her bio on Stepping Stones Performing Arts. She also has a joint YouTube account titled The Hopper Family where they regularly vlog about their family adventures. She is a trained singer who is skilled in alto. She is a trained dancer, too, and is skilled in ballet, ballroom, contemporary, jazz, and tap dance. She can also play the piano. As a prolific theater actor, Laura has been trained in various accents. She has also been trained in various sports, such as swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, horseback riding, quad bike racing, and motorbike racing. 

Laura loves acting since her childhood. She attended The Arts Educational School to learn more about acting. She also joined The Lee Strasberg Institute. She has studied under the tutelage of Anthony Meindl. After then, she began working as an actress in the entertainment industry. Apart from working in professional theater and on TV, Laura has gained expertise in pantomimes, rehearsed readings, fringe theater, and voice-over roles. Her born name is Laura Higgins and she is from Leicester, England. She holds British nationality and her ethnicity is Mixed. Her dad is a businessman and her mum is a homemaker. She has a sister namely Janine. 

Who is Tom Hopper?

Tom Hopper and Laura Hopper Open up about marriage

Married on 7th June 2014, Laura Hooper is the mother of two children namely Truly Rose (daughter) and Freddie (son) with her husband, Tom Hooper. Tom Hooper is a British actor who has appeared as Percival in Merlin, Billy Bones in Black Sails, Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones, and Luther Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy. They regularly post about their children on social media. After their son Freddie, who is nonverbal, was diagnosed with autism just before his fifth birthday, the couple has been open about their journey in the hopes of helping other parents.”We thought, we’ve got to do this for the parents that are going through this so they don’t feel alone,” Tom told in 2020. “Because it can be a very lonely time.” “You have to trust each other and the journey,” he added. “The right things will happen eventually, but it doesn’t happen overnight. My son has autism, and he amazes me every day. His brain just works in a different way.”

They were in a relationship for a long-time prior to their marriage. After dating for a long period of time, they got married. In 2015, Laura shared a throwback photo of the night they first met, writing, “​​Where it all began….💜 #wherewemet #6years.” Laura recently celebrated their eight-year anniversary with a poolside photo and a loving caption: “This next chapter is popping off and I’m so excited to be your teammate. Together we can move mountains … Love you the most.”

Laura Hooper Family

What is Laura Hopper worth?

Laura Hooper is a renowned actress and TV personality who made her TV debut with the TV series “Our Girl” in 2013. After that, she appeareed in Leopard, Black Sails, Hollyoaks, and more. She then came to huge fame after appearing as Rachel Herschberger in the TV series “The Umbrella Academy”. Recently, she is in the limelight after she appeared as Cassie in the movie “Love in the Villa“. As a YouTuber, she runs a family YouTube channel “The Hooper Family” which has more than 2K subscribers. She has made a huge fortune from her acting career which is her present job.

As of 2022, the net worth of Laura Hooper is estimated to have $6 Million. Her main source of wealth comes from the entertainment industry. She is also making a decent about of money from her production company “Pine Tree Productions”. In addition to this, she also endorses a lot of brands via social media and YouTube. She also serves the position of writer. In 2011, she stepped into the field of advertisement. Soon, she worked for brands such as ‘Cadbury’s,’ ‘118’ fan, and ‘Tesco.’ She was featured in a music video for the 2012 ‘Olympics.’ She is living a lavish lifestyle from her earnings at present. 

Laura Hopper appeared as Cassie  on “Love in the Villa” which is now available on Netflix 

In the case of “Love in the Villa”, which hit Netflix on Thursday, that arrives in the form of Cassie (Laura Hopper), the status-obsessed fiancée of Brit, Charlie (Tom Hopper). Despite a growing connection with Julia (Kat Graham), who accidentally double-booked a vacation in an Italian villa he is already staying in, Charlie has obligations elsewhere. The woman behind Cassie, Laura Hopper, is star Tom Hopper’s actual wife. In fact, it was Laura who found the script and encouraged Tom to do the project.

“She tends to go through a lot of the scripts that get sent my way,” he tells EW. ” She was like, ‘I just read this really great script called Love in the Villa. It’s a really sweet rom-com and you should read it.’ I read it and I agreed; I thought it was really brilliant.” “Laura, also being an actress,” he continues, “was like, ‘Oh, I love one of these roles as well — the role of Cassie.'” “I love working with my wife,” adds Hopper. “She’s so funny. She’s a very good comedic actress. What was very bizarre is I break up with her in the movie. As we were doing it I was like, ‘This is really strange playing out this scene.’ She’s so different from that in real life, but she loves those character, comedic roles. It was such a blessing for us because we’ve never really done that before. We’ve acted in the same things, but we never actually acted opposite each other.” 

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