Top 10 Celebrities Actually Worth Your Time On Twitter


Twitter is a whole world of its own, and if you haven’t figured that out then you are missing out big time. When you start your own Twitter, one of the biggest questions posed to you is who you ought to be following. Friends, family, and colleagues tend to be in the mix. The real question though is which of the multitude of celebrities it's worth following. With some celebrities all you’re going to get are sponsored posts and manicured holiday photos, probably posted by an assistant. But some are hilarious and insightful. Let’s take a look at some of your best options.

1. David Lynch

The wacky film director, repeatedly hailed by critics as one of the all-time greatest auteurs, has a great Twitter page. Who would have thought? For a daily dose of ‘What on the earth’s going on here?’ be sure to follow this cinematic genius. His Twitter feed is so antiquated that it strangely makes more sense than most of what’s out there.

2. Kanye West

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ve almost certainly seen a Kanye tweet in your life. You could have actively avoided Twitter and still found yourself experiencing some of Kanye’s own brand of wisdom, usually on the front of someone’s t-shirt. Kanye is a mad, brilliant, idiotic genius whose Tweets feel like they’re being poured directly out of his mind. Always good fun.

3. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is another one of those figures who has stamped himself on the collective conscious. An inventor, entrepreneur, conspiracy theorist and Grimes’ ex-boyfriend (?), you never know what you’re going to get with him: some genius insight on the possibility of inter-planetary space travel or a Street Fighter reference.

4. Gordon Ramsay

Another figure that brings to mind a certain extreme attitude and brashness, the British chef’s Twitter feed will either make you burst out laughing or become absolutely starving. A lot of what ends up on Ramsay’s page are photos of delicious food, but there’s always room for a laugh too.

5. Ryan Reynolds

One of the most notoriously funny Twitter celebs is Ryan Reynolds, actor and comedian extraordinaire, husband to Blake Lively and 24-hour Twitter comedian. Unless he’s tweeting about something very serious, Reynolds is making a joke. You may not see it immediately but look a little deep and you’ll find one.

6. Donald Trump

It shouldn’t be the case, but Trump’s Twitter makes for one hell of a ride. Wherever you stand on the man, he’s got a way with words and the fact that he communicates most of his important announcements through the social media platform makes it almost vital you follow.

7. Danny Dyer

The British actor plays the Twitter game in a very different way to those around him, opting for a totally candid portrayal of his thoughts and feelings and chucking anything manufactured ‘in the bin’. He’s hilarious and strangely touching.

8. Robert Downey Jr

Everyone’s favorite avenger mightn’t post as frequently as some others but what he usually does give us is gold. A mixture of humor and just stuff that he’s interested in, there’s something there for everyone. If nothing else, it’s the beautifully open insight into the life of the figurehead of cinema’s biggest ever franchise.

9. Ellen DeGeneres

As one of the most successful comedians around it’s not all that surprising that Ellen’s Twitter account is very funny. Her Twitter also features segments from her show, so there’s the added benefit on catching up on all the celebrities that she has on her show. A very funny woman with a lot of content constantly coming through her feed.

10. Cher

Cher’s tweets often don’t make any sense at all at first glance, or even a third glance, which makes them all the more intriguing. She tweets like someone’s Granny has been let loose at the computer, not realizing that other people can see what she’s writing.


There are a lot of boring Twitters out there and then there are the above, who, each in their own way, make Twitter a more interesting more bizarre and more hilarious place to be.

Aimee Laurence has worked in HR for the past 3 years at Cheapest Assignments. Her writing focuses on ethics and health as well as topics relating to sustainability and the environment. She also has an interest in social media and its various uses.